Duathlon Provisional Results for race 2 of 2019

As I sit drinking a lovely cold beer, looking up the garden and admiring all the hard work I have manged to get out off (due to the fact last year I had major surgery, a Kidney removed and I am still not 100%). it starts me thinking, which is dangerous I know, but it does. It makes me ponder things like

Why when the sun shines and I sit out in it does my skin go red, my head get sore.

Why did 85 people turn up on Wednesday night at the Normanby hall duathlon, run by Scunthorpe Triathlon club.

Why 85 people decided to run through the amazing scenery within the park and did not notice a thing.

Why did 84 people then get on their bikes and bike round the course when there was a bus stop on the other side of the road and a taxi driver in the car park.

Why 1 rider decided not to listen to the race brief and turned out the car park the wrong way. Thinking the shouts of “your going the wrong way” sounded like “well done keep going”.

What was the address Valerie was suppose to go over too. Must remember to ask her at the next Duathlon.

Did all 83 people who turned up to go for another run forget something the first time so had to go back to get it, or was the playing tiggy.

Why is the wife looking at me funny just because I said when you have finished cutting grass my glass could do with a top up. Goodness knows how she will look when I tell her both cars need washing.

So onto the may thank you’s……. thank you…… thank you……. thank you…….thank you……thank you…..thank you…… thank you…. copy and paste 10 more times.

Onto a reminder of the rules, put your hands up with your palms facing away, using your thumb and the next finger make an L shape. The one that reads like an L is your left hand. As we did not adopt the European rule, forcing us to ride on the wrong side of the road then we still ride on the left. That means round bends and roundabouts. The one that looks like an L but backwards is the right, which is what is shouted as you overtake another rider so they do not pull out on you (that one is not a rule however could not be bothered to start a new paragraph and entitle it Common sense).

That’s it from me, time to go in, put telly on and wait for yourself  to cook my my tea, as I think that’s who the wife said was cooking, could not really here her for the hedge cutter she is using is too noisy.

Race 2 Provisional Results

Race 1 Final Results


Club sec / treasurer er still unsure.

Oh by the way if the results are wrong please let me know via email address is jeff.chappill@imakethemupso_don’tcare.com.org.uk  or tell me when you see me.

Let me know please jeff.chappill@hotmail.com.