Q&A with Lincsquad’s Ruth Wilson.

Who better for this month’s Q & A than Lincsquad’s Ruth Wilson. The Duathlon specialist is enjoying some of the best form of her life. To medal at local events is impressive enough but a podium place at the European Championships in Spain is, well,….PROPER!! Think you’ll agree an even more remarkable achievement when you read Ruth’s candid words.


Full gas, head up, **** out

How or why did you get involved in Triathlon/Duathlon events?

The initial interest came from my older sister who was a GB age group triathlete and following my Parkinsons diagnosis it gave me an outlet and I needed a fresh challenge.

Your recent Bronze medal performance for GB in Spain was something special, could you give us a brief reminder of how things panned out and how you found that last ounce of energy to get on the podium by the narrowest of margins (one second)?

On race day, I didn’t have the smoothest of starts, I had a flat tyre and no opportunity to warm up. Everything seemed to be going wrong!! On the bike leg I recognised Anke Lakies (Germany) who beat me in Pontevedra (World Champs) and that gave me the drive to push on harder as I knew she was a strong runner. I have to also give credit to Mark York, with his persistent encouragement (shouting loudly!!) – so massive thanks to him.

The ‘Euro Bronze medal’ performance is even more spectacular in the light of your illness. How do you manage to keep it at bay and not allow it to affect your race?

It’s not so much about keeping my illness at bay, I am deteriorating but that’s why you will never see me warming up with anyone, I have to ‘zone out’ and just concentrate on my race. I’m racing to prove that I can do this despite the illness. My biggest challenge is not letting Parkinsons beat me.

For someone who continually churns out great performances what’s your next challenge/goal?

Madrid was a ‘quick get fit quick fix’ after my ankle injury but going forward the next big event for me is Australia. I am also upping my miles to move up to Standard.


My bike is my baby but can’t cook a steak as good as my daughter Gemma.

Swim, Kayak, Cycle or run? What’s your preference?

Run – that’s where my strength is – I’ve been a runner since the age of 8

Proudest Sporting Achievements?

Learning how to swim in my early 40’s.

Favourite Film?

Anything with Hugh Jackman in!

11196281_771401336291001_6206160626446484441_nYour dream job?

Mattress tester (for sleeping!!)

3 x Dream dinner party guests.

Hugh Jackman, Kenny Everett, Muhammed Ali

Best advice received

Full gas, head up, tits out.

What has life taught you that you can pass on to your children?

The harder you work now, the easier life becomes

Sporting hero – Daley Thompson

Favourite meal and where?

My diet is shocking, I absolutely cannot cook – I’ve never cooked a meal for anyone without disaster. A fillet steak cooked by my amazing daughter Gemma is my favourite.

Most treasured sporting possession – My bike is my baby