This month’s Q&A with Lincsquad’s Youth member Will Walsh.

Will Walsh is Lincsquad’s first youth to feature in the monthly Q&A’s and it’s been quite a pleasure. Will has crossed over from racing to coaching relating to the kids in a way that can only come from, well ….a youth (apologies to the more mature coaches , no offence). Another feather in Will’s cap (as well as being a music journalist) is his position on the National Youth Executive panel.

How did you find yourself getting involved in sport and cycling in particular?

It was through friends really, a few others that I knew at school had started to go to the youth academy sessions and suggested I come along and try it out. I must have liked it.

What inspired you to make the move from racer to Coach at what some would consider an early age?

I guess it was because I wanted to help out in a way that wasn’t just picking up cones at the end of a session and I thought coaching would allow me to do that.


Music journalism, another of Wills hobbies.

. Have you found coaching the youths and being of a similar age and having similar interests beneficial?

Definitely! It seems to be the case that sometimes the younger kids might get a bit bored of listening to people who are, without meaning to offend anyone, a lot older than them.

. You should be proud to be so highly thought of on the National Youth Forum for what’s now your second year. For people, like me, who haven’t come through the Youth Academy what does this involve?

On the youth forum we meet up and discuss things that are changing or need changing within the sport of cycling, and try to provide a voice for the younger people within it. Recently we dealt with how new information about safeguarding should be delivered to clubs.

What’s your preference …..Run, Bike ,Kayak, Swim?

I’d say I’m better at running than the others, but I prefer cycling.

. So where’s your favourite place to ride?
This might be a bit boring but i do like the ride from my house to Gainsborough and back.


Proudest Sporting/coaching achievements.,

I think that would have to be finishing my first half marathon last year when it was pouring down with rain. Hopefully will break that 2hr barrier this time!

Favourite Film?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Best advice received and by whom?..
Probably ‘it’s technique, not speed.” from Mr. Stephen Cannings. Works in most things in life, not just cycling!

This seems an odd question at such a young age but what has life taught you that you would like to pass on to others?

I’d say don’t be afraid to try anything, it’s better to have given something a go and failed than not have tried at all.

Something not many people know about you?
I have a music blog that I review gigs and albums on, everyone should give it a read!

Your dream job?
Probably writing about music professionally

3 x Dream dinner party guests.

Jarvis Cocker, Graham Linehan and Richard Osman

Favourite meal and where?

BBQ Ribs anywhere I can get them.

Your most treasured multi-sport possession.

My Bike!