TT Rd 6 Report “No Quitters……….little knickers!”

Conditions for round 6 LQ10/2 Lincsquad TT were dry. The MET office recorded wind speeds at 13mph with 22mph gusts.

37 TT riders sped along 9.8miles or 15771.6ms, (whichever came first) hoping to get their front wheel crossing the finish line, closely followed by the back wheel. On the night, the racers ripped past faster than a wetsuit’s seams can split after the holiday season. “You just never know” are two words on my mind that summed up tonight’s TT with regards to podiums and league placings. It all amounted to the riders’ use of the two Ms….movement and positioning.  Let’s take a look at the results; they reveal more twists than a rattlesnake with a hernia.

Overall male winner on the night goes to A Thomas of LRCC, congratulations.   While overall winner for the ladies was Ruth Wilson (Racing Team Dawson) who is showing a great return to form.  I caught up with Ruth post-race and she wanted to thank all the marshals for their cheering during the TT.

R Robinson turned up the heat in the Lincsquad kitchen, storming home in a time of 21:28. Smashing it, V Wilson had her eyes on the prize of first placed Lincsquad lady (26:20), also a PB.   Finding it hot, but cooking on full gas and pulverising the competition, second place for Lincsquad men goes to S Grocock.  He “averaged 26mph out and back, both legs”, (knowing the average time gives you an indication of how fast he was riding).  F Fisk soared high, coming second for the Lincsquad ladies.  Post race she also wanted to thank all the marshals for their input on the night.   Battling into third positions for the men and ladies respectively was B Creasey and T Smaller, completing the podium positions for round 6. Speed levels off the heckin charts racers!  14/10 would congratulate.

Jacob Riby let no one break his stride in a time of 26:34, trouncing his coach’s time. I asked Coach Cannings  how he felt about Jacob’s performance and he was full of praise for our Lincsquad junior.  He feels that we still have a lot to see performance wise from Jacob, his pride for Jacob humbling to witness. Thanks go to Jon Challen for chaperoning Jacob and no doubt learning some tricks of the trade.  Jon then went back out to race his own TT posting a time of 23:17, equalling his season’s PB.  However, did this beat the time posted by Han Solo who did the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs (if you round it down)?  The force was truly with you Jon and in the words of Steve Austin, Lincsquad “thank you for your service and we will see you down the road.”

Coming into the finish like a dose of salts, Tony England danced on his toe clip strapped pedals, posting a time of 27:16 and had this to say about his chosen ride. “Tonight was the night, time to put the Raleigh Record Sprint on the start line.”  Moving away from his normal carbon aero steed, he raced the steel 10 speed to 21mph average. In the words of Murray Walker, “We now have exactly the same situation as we had at the start of the race, only exactly the opposite”….is it time to sell up the expensive bikes?  A question only Tony can answer.

Looking deep into suitcases of courage, while turning themselves inside out, the remaining racers returned to HQ, feeling like they had passed through the drum of a cement mixer! Every man for himself, man the lifeboats!  It’s raffle time!  Prizes of a café lock, kindly donated by S Hall and 2 x cinema tickets donated by C Morgan were won by Mr Danson.  This TT was fast turning into a pilgrimage!  Refreshments were enjoyed in the King Billy pub, (Lincsquad’s ever welcoming hosts and HQ), a merry time was had by all, dipsy doo dunkaroo and theTT was over!

Roll call of thanks go to C Ware for excellent holderer upperer duties, (it wasn’t as scary as he thought and in his words he felt that he “roze to the occasion”), our time keeping team, our marshals, the King Billy pub and Rob for handling the money. You all went above and beyond to ensure riders’ safety and enjoyment.

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Thanks Pam

TT sec.



position name no club  time
1 A Thomas 24 LRCC  20:54
2 R Robinson 22 Lincsquad 21:28
3 S Grocock 31 Lincsquad 21:34
4 B Creasey 35 Lincsquad  22:01
5 D Busby PB 8 Barton Wheelers 22:53
6 J Challen 36 Lincsquad 23:17
7 N Stones PB 16 Scunthorpe Poly 23:31
8 D Ellis PB 17 Lincsquad 23:33
 9 K Wilson 30  Team Dawson 23:40
10 M Austin 15 Lincsquad 23:42
11 N Hall 11  Lincsquad 24:10
12 R Wilson F PB 19  Team Dawson 24:55
13 S Grocock 34 Lincsquad  25:01
14 D Scutt 10  Lincsquad  26:01
15 D Binns PB 7 Barton Wheelers 26:15
16 VWilson F PB 20 Lincsquad 26:20
17 F Fisk F 23 Lincsquad 26:30
18 M Turner 33 Lincsquad  26:32
19  J Riby 1 Lincsquad  26:34
20 = S Cannings 9  Lincsquad 26:41
20 = R Danson PB 25 Barton Wheelers 26:41
22 M Dent PB 18 Lincsquad 27:00
23 T Smaller F 26 Lincsquad 27:03
24 T England 12  Lincsquad 27:16
25 L Heathfield F 37 Lincsquad 27:36
26 P Challen F 5 Lincsquad 28:15
27 S Wilson 21 Lincsquad 28:48
28 R Bower F 28  Lincsquad 29:14
29 S Smith F 3 C and T 29:27
30 N Abrams 14 Lincsquad 29:42
31 L Hort F 29 C and T 30:27
32 R Murgatroyd 27  Lincsquad 31:09
33 S Hall F 6 Lincsquad 31:33
34 B Hollis F PB 13  Lincsquad 31:57
35  B Rose F  4  Lincsquad 32:45
36 A Grocock F 32  Lincsquad 34:50
37 K Scutt F PB 2 Lincsquad 35:02