Wind, more wind, punctures and a combine harvester, the setting for round 4 of Lincsquad’s TT

“5,4,3,2,1 good luck” was repeated 33 times by starter Anna Gibbs on the 23rd May 18:30.  This phrase alone, enough to raise the heart rate of each racer being held on the start line.  Holder upper, Kev Lovett, released 32 riders from the start line in one minute intervals.  These racers, now on their own and building speed, made their way along to the rail way lines where they were cheered on by Becky Rose and Duncan Wood, our first marshalls of the night

An untimely puncture ended David Hinch’s TT, however was this a ploy to save his legs for the mahoosive challenge of the Bomber this weekend?  Good luck with the bomber David! For the remaining riders, who would succumb to the gastronomical smells emanating at Hilbaldstow?  Marshall Darren Hepworth cheered each rider as they ignored the temptations of the chip shop, each carrying on full pelt to the Redbourne roundabout.  “Heads up, accidents down” was the mantra for each rider as they rode to their abilities and road conditions.  A cheer from Julie England on the roundabout and the racers were on the homeward dash, legs firing like pistons.  A great camaraderie was shown between riders in their encouragement for each other when over taking or being overtaken or watching from the road side on the night.  The atmosphere at the finish line is always tense when the returning riders are spotted. Timekeepers Emma Riby and Jess Porte recorded individual times as the riders come home.  As the racers crossed the line sucking lungful after lungful of air in, who would be singing James Brown’s “I feel good” and who would be trying to “Shake it off” aka Taylor Swift?   Let’s crunch the numbers and see how our riders did in the fourth round of the Lincsquad TT series.

Battling against the 17 mph winds with 27mph gusts and coming home in a speedy time of 22:27 was S Grocock. Closely followed by and completing the podium for the men, B Creasy and S Quirke 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Stuart Grocock flew in the wind to a new PB of 24:39.  The remaining men put in sterling efforts in less than favourable conditions.   First junior on the night goes to J Riby, another strong performance showing that Jacob can maintain form regardless of conditions.  Jacob also went on to win the beautiful cake (donated by Jess Porte) later in the evening in the raffle drawn in HQ (The King Billy).  A puncture almost prevented S Wilson from hitting the start line, however, happily fellow Lincsquadders offered help in the form of a spare tube and indeed a spare wheel.  No escape for Simon.  A vintage bike was spotted on the back of Tony England’s car, however he opted to race his TT bike instead.  A combine harvester attempted to gate crash the TT, we suspected that it was motor assisted and so was a DQ from the results.

First position for the lasses and overall placing an impressive 10th went to A Schofield of Barton Wheelers in a strong time of 26:08.  Second place went to Jane Taylor, again amazing form on a difficult night.  V Wilson recorded a PB, 28:07 and holds onto TT bragging rights in her household.  Shirley Hall showed resilience in her second attempt at the circuit, well done for doing a great ride in that strong wind.  Another highflying PB goes to Lincsquad’s K Scutt, fantastic effort tonight.  Cheryl Orr completed the ladies racing with grit and determination, Cheryls second attempt at the course and yet again showing fantastic form.

Thanks to all racers for racing in less than favourable conditions, that was a tough night filled with adventure. Thanks as always to Wayne Beedham and all marshalls for ensuring the smooth running of the event.  Finally thanks to the King Billy pub for being welcoming hosts.  See you all at round 5!  Marshalls are still required for the final rounds so pop your request on the forum.


TT Sec

position name Race no club time
1 S Grocock 24 Lincsquad 22:27
2 B Creasy 31 Lincsquad 22:33
3 S Quirke 10 Lincsquad 22:58
4 R Stenton 30 53/11 23:14
5 D Bush 7 Barton wheelers 23:50
6 J Challen 33 Lincsquad 23:53
7 K Wilson 27 Team Dawson 23:55
8 M Austin 12 Lincsquad 24:38
9 Stu Grocock 29 Lincsquad 24:39
10 A Schofield F 25 Barton Wheelers 26:08
11 G Barker 14 Lincsquad 26:35
12= T England 11 Lincsquad 26:53
12= J Taylor F 26 Lincsquad 26:53
14 D Scutt 13 Lincsquad 27:22
15 S Cannings 22 Lincsquad 27:29
16 T Smaller F 21 Lincsquad 27:30
17 P South 9 Brigg and District 27:38
18 M Turner 6 Lincsquad 27:40
19 K Cooper 20 Lincsquad 27:54
20 M Dent 32 Lincsquad 27:58
21 V Howden F 5 Lincsquad 28:07
22 D Binns 8 Barton Wheelers 28:11
23 J Riby 3 Lincsquad 28:22
24 V Wilson F PB 18 Lincsquad 28:26
25 A Evans 15 C and T 28:48
26 N Abrams 17 Lincsquad 29:50
27 S Wilson 19 Lincsquad 30:39
28 S Hall F 1 C and T 32:39
29 R Murgatroyd 16 Lincsquad 33:11
30 W Kent 23 Lincsquad 34:19
31 K Scutt F PB 2 Lincsquad 37:58
32 C Orr F 4 C and T 39:40