TT Series Round 9 – Its Pro time!

Round 9 had 23 riders show up for the LSQ10/2 course starting from the King William pub and condition were……good…ish! A slight chance of rain being the only spoiler with no one agreeing (as usual) which way the wind was blowing!

Local TT powerhouses Richard Walker and Kev Dawson were on site meaning local aces Steve G and Sheehan would need to be on top form to push the visitors.

A quality turn out for the ladies with Jane Taylor, Pam Challen, Ruth Wilson, Vicky Howden, Chris Kirkby, Fiona Fisk and a returning Emma Wright Philips.

This weeks “I’m not a coach” coaching observation/tip/unsolicited advice is about getting off the line and up to speed as soon as possible. TTing is about keeping an even effort throughout the race and to do that means holding the average speed you need to pb. Of course this depends on weather conditions, your current fitness and a few other variable but setting off in a too high a gear and/or taking longer to get up to the average speed you need either from the start or out of Redbourne roundabout turn (the only other place your pace will drop!) isnt going to help.

Or you can get a disc wheel/aero helmet/skin suit/wheel covers/powermeter……………

Big thanks to the marshalling team Rob & Cathy Walsh, Jess Porte, Anna Gibbs, Malc Dent, Julie England, Paul Adams, Ann Wood & Mandy Clayton. Extra thanks to Malc for retrieving Ruth and her bike after a puncture out on course and Emma WP for stopping on the way out (and back!) to check Ruth was ok.

Two rounds left.

Results beloooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Rd 9