Duathlon Results 9th August

Wednesday the 9th August was the 10th training race in the series, just one more to go and yet another season draws to a close.
38 competitors completing the 1, 14, 1. With 21 already qualifying for the series and a further 14 needing the last race to get the 7 in.
The series is still wide open with very few of the positions already decided.
The final training race is the 2, 11, 2 handicap.  
We hope to announce details of the presentation night at the race brief for the next training race, also a few changes that the committee are looking to make for next year. If you are unable to attend the next race then I will post any / all details on the next race report.
Once again I ask if you have any comments or issues with the attached results or with anything relating to the duathlons you send them direct to me at jeff.chappill@hotmail.com as I am unable (and unwilling) to pick these up off other forms of social media .

Click here for Training Race 10 results

List of dates and venues can be downloaded here – Duathlon 2017 poster