Lincsquad 2013 TT’s are GO!

For many the winter off season has been a long one but for those who filled it full of training now is the time to find out “has it been worth it?” at the first Lincsquad TT of the year.

A few new bikes and lots of new faces especially in the female division meant an almost capacity entry of 59! With both defending champions Steve G and Rachel Love absent who was going to step up, throw down the gauntlet, grab the bull by the horns and at the same time stop me from using up all the usual metaphors on only the first round?

As usual the weather was playing havoc with many questioning if it was actually a real Lincsquad time trial due to the lack of rain. Jon Dixon breaking the golden rule and mentioning the “r word” just as the first rider rolled up to the line.

And what a first rider! Who better to start the series off than the clubs no.1 WAG Clair Dolby? One by one the riders lined up and waited the standard one minute as the Timekeepers Vicky, Elinor and Annie Dolby set them off and counted them back in. As ever Kev was on the start line to hold the riders as they prepared themselves for the next 9.8miles

Amongst the 59 riders 25 posted PB’s despite the blowy side wind that was as good as 90 degrees to the route so was present out and back! Personal best riders were Clair Dolby, Bill Censi, Rob Walsh, Bob Taylor, Ewan Chesman, George Coghlan, Luke Osborn, Emma Wright Phillips, Neil Barker, Matt Rigall, Bevan Jones, Vicki Stewart, Sallie Joseph, Philip Marshall, Richard Walker, Gary Horner, Andrew Bradley, Alex Bradley, Nick Stonehewer, Ruth Wilson, Pam Challen, Matthew Goodwin, Stuart Barnes, Paul Fytche aaaaaaaaaaaaaand Phil Cox!!!

Steve Clark and Jeff Chappill marshalled the crossing and despite the chance of increased rail traffic due to the ongoing work near Doncaster only a few riders got stopped.

Scunthorpe Poly rider Richard Walker setting an excellent early season time with Chris Spavin in 2nd place edging out Claude Butlers George Coghlan to 3rd. In the ladies Emma Wright Phillips chicked more than a few guys to lead the girls with Ruth Wilson second and less than 23s behind her Nicky Robinson.

Big thanks to all riders helpers and supporters for turning up. Round 2 in two weeks!

Results are below