North Lincs Adventure Challenge – Start times

Please find below start times & race numbers for the North Lincs Challenge on Sunday 29th May.
Registration will open from 7am to 7:45am, please follow the signs at the leisure centre to register where you will receive your race numbers.
Please arrange your kayak in race order on the river bank with lowest race numbers closest to the bridge, paddles & buoyancy must be left in the transition area.
A Race briefing will take place in the transition area (artificial football pitch) at 8am, all competitors are required to attend. (A marshall briefing will take place at 7:45 am on the grass outside the front door of the leisure centre)
Please arrive at the exit to Leisure Centre at least 5 minutes before your start time, a marshall will direct you to the start line when appropriate.
On behalf of the Lincsquad Events Committee, thank you for taking part, have a great race & don’t forget to come to the T-shirt tour around Brigg on the sunday night, everyone is invited.
Please read the full race briefing prior to the event DOWNLOAD RACE BRIEFING


Race No. Forename  Surname  Start time 
38 Sallie    Joseph  08:30    
37 Mark  Askew  08:31 
36  Antony  Runnegar  08:32 
35  Paul  Hewson  08:33 
34  Shaun  Crummey  08:34 
33  Andrew  Yeadon  08:35 
32  Steve  Lund  08:36 
31  Jeff  Chappill  08:37 
30  Peter  Chappill  08:38 
29  David  Leigh  08:39 
28  David  Heffernan    08:40 
27 Alison  Deykin  08:41 
26  Mark  Craswell  08:42 
25  Darren  Jordan  08:43 
24  TEAM Lindsay, Ben, Chris  Lindsay Heathfield, Ben Chappill, Chris Spavin  08:44 
23  TEAM Rayment  Natalie Rayment, Alan Rayment, Neil Bvatt  08:45 
22  TEAM Good in Parts  Tony Yeats, Andy Grimwood  08:46 
21  TEAM Steve, Becky, Emma  Steve Grocock, Becky Bowen, Emma Phillips  08:47 
20  Paul  Barley  08:48 
19  David  Finch  08:49 
18  Gareth  Barker  08:50 
17  Steve  Dolby  08:51 
16  Rob  Wood  08:52 
15  Rick  Stenton  08:53 
14  Paul  Carvill  08:54 
13  Alan  Cardy  08:55 
12  Giles  Byworth  08:56 
11  Ian  Smith  08:57 
10  Dan  Broughton  08:58 
Nigel  Crowe  08:59 
Tim  Deykin  09:00 
Pete  Stockdale  09:01 
Josh  Hook  09:02 
Mark  York  09:03 
Peter  Connolly  09:04 
Phil  Binch  09:05 
Matt  Stephenson  09:06 
Steve  Clark  09:07