Duathlon Training Race 7

Report by Jeff Chappill

26th June 2019, 51 competitors started the Scunthorpe Triathlon clubs Duathlon series with 50 of those recording a finish time. 7 of the 11 events complete with 3 people completing all 7 so far.

The weather once again was very kind to us, with the sun shining (but a bit chilly for the time keepers) and the amazing venue of Normanby hall country park. How many other duathlons can you do for less than the price of a beer that lets you run in the grounds of a Stately home!

As those of you who have read these reports before will know, I occasionally like to do interviews with some of the participants or marshals. I carried one out last Wednesday with one of our members who would like to remain anonymous (will be referred to as Valerie).

Me: Hi Valerie, how are you?
Valerie: I am ok thank you.
Me: I see you are not taking part tonight, can I ask why?
Valerie: It’s a long story, but the shortened version is, my Dad beat me last time so I have pretended I have hurt my foot. I told him I was chasing a kid around at work and tripped over, and he fell for it.
Me: So the strapping on your leg is just for show?
Valerie: Yes but don’t tell him.
Me: Is he taking part tonight?
Valerie: Yes, I am here to support him.
Valerie breaks of as Dad comes to the sharp corner on the outside of the Park on his bike
“come on Dad you are doing really well”
Me: That’s really great to here you support him like that.
Valerie: Don’t tell me you thought I meant it, I was hoping his knee would pop out.
Me: Oh ok. So what else is going on in your life right now?
Valerie: I have a big Birthday coming up.
Me: Congratulations can I ask how old you will be?
Valerie: 25 but don’t tell anyone as I always tell them I am 23.
Me: My lips are sealed. So do you still live at home?
Valerie: Well of course I do, I get three meals a day, all my washing done, it’s the cheapest digs in the world why would I move out. Don’t tell Mum or Dad but I am planning on living there until I am 35. If I get married before that then Husband will move in too. Couple of kids so Babysitters on site. Life plan sorted.
Me: Wow you have got everything sorted. Thank you for talking to me.


Coaching tip: When coming in to dismount the bike remember to unclip.

Please see attached Provisional results for the training event. Oh by the way for all those who asked either myself or Jason about the venue for the surprise event, the clue is in the title “surprise”. All will be revealed two weeks before, the only thing I will say is Jason has promised it is a brand new venue, new routes, new distances and he will do it naked. Please do not tell him I wrote that, he said he reads the reports but we think he does not bother so I am testing him so Mums the word.

Results Training Race 7