Early start for World Triathlon Mixed Relays

Hannah Lonsdale looks back on a long day in Nottingham as a WTS Trimaker.

After what had seemed like an endless period of exams, the weekend I’d been waiting for ages for had finally arrived. At 4:30am Saturday morning Dad and I woke up and made our way to Nottingham for the World Triathlon mixed relays. From 7am until 2:30pm that day, my friend and I volunteered at the ‘swim start’,

Due to the weather the swim start became the run start for duathlon racing. Despite the cold, rainy weather this was such a brilliant opportunity. Also due to the fact all the racing had been changed to duathlon, I was asked last minute to fill in for my friends team and do their relay run leg which I completed in 20.31.

In the afternoon, I had also been lucky enough to get onto the junior VIP, so was able to join fellow Lincsquader’s  to watch the racing. We were stood in the centre of all the action with the finish line, dismount line, tag zone and transition all surrounding us.

It was a really great day and to top it off I was given the opportunity to flag bear for the Swiss team who finished second overall behind GB.

After all the racing had finished, we stayed around for a while and managed to watch the medal ceremony and meet many Pro’s and I even managed to get hold of 7 of their race numbers!