Improved weather reflects in the times for TT3

At last, a May evening that felt like May.  The improved weather conditions were reflected in the good times posted by the riders.  Sheehan Quirke got us off to a cracking start posting a time of 21:45. Ben Creasy had another great ride on 22:10 and Jon Challen also flew the Lincsquad flag high finishing in 22:33. However, going at 50 Simon Abdy from Barton Wheelers stole the honours, snatching victory from Sheehan by 5 seconds in 21:40.  Young Jacob Riby had another excellent ride in 5th on a time of 23:20.  Sadly the male leader board was disrupted by the untimely departure of Chris Ware, forced off the road by an impatient driver.  Chris has been flying in the series so far and it was a real pity that he was unable to complete the race.  Happily, he was brought to ground on a grass verge and both he and his bike were able to return to base largely unscathed if fuming and disappointed.

The numbers of women in the field are slowly creeping up with 7 turning out last night.  Leading everyone home in a time of 26:17 was Rachel Gottlieb. Vikki’s cunning plan to get her to wreck her bike by driving under a low arch that took her bike off the car, was foiled.  Jayne Baldwin was close behind in 26:25 with third place going to Claire West who also took top spot for the Lincsquad Ladies.

It was a lovely evening and it was great to see everyone relaxing and enjoying the pub’s facilities in the sunshine post event.  A much pleasanter prospect for all the excellent marshals and the Time Team too – thank you all so much.

Jane Taylor

LincsQuad TT Secretary

NameNumber12 May timeOverallOverall
Simon Abdy5021.4011
Sheehan Quirke221.4522
Ben Creasy2422.10331
Martin Hailstone4622.3244
Jon Challen3822.33552
Jacob Riby2623.2066
Steve Hall5423.35773
James Noble5223.53884
Dan Ellis5823.5499
Mark Gollings3023.5510105
David Hinch3423.5711116
Andrew Hobley1224.2312127
Andrew Brown4824.261313
Ryan Birkitt4424.2814148
Mark Turner625.2315159
Darren Binns6026.141616
Rachel Gottlieb1426.17171
Jane Baldwin2026.2518217
Roo Butterill1026.27191810
Claire West5626.472031
Richard Lake3627.15211911
Vikki Wilson1627.202242
Pete Wilson427.562320
Steve Cannings827.59242112
Karen Braithwaite2828.092553
Courtney Baldwin1828.18266
Garry Davey2228.572722
Katie Scutt4229.022874
Walter Kent4032.25292313
Chris Ware32dnf