Wadenhoe 3, Race Report

Windy, swimming and bare foot warriors.

You just know you that you want to read more. Yes it is Wadenhoe 3. We managed to escape the high water and floods from race 2, however we did not escape the strong, bitterly cold wind. I guess it is not called a winter series for nothing.

At 10.30 ish, 10 athletes for the Quad and 25 in the duathlon started their battle against the wind, too many beans maybe? The ground had dried out remarkably since the last race and the going was good to soft, but very soft in the swamp. The swamp had retained a lot of the floodwaters in its deep bottomless holes. Not to disappoint the swamp spat out everyone all covered in mud even before they had completed the first run lap.

Ryan Henry, the winner from Race 2 took an early lead in the duathlon and left everyone in his wake. There was a shock for a couple of competitors in the Quad as they arrived at the riverbank to find no kayaks for them; in fact they were still on the trailer up in the field. Obviously a miss understanding at registration, luckily we had another 2 boats available at the river and only a few moments were lost. I must point out that if you hire a kayak, that it is your responsibility to get them to and from the river [my poor old legs are not what they used to be]

The Kayak stage proved to be a little problematic for a few people as the strong icy wind made paddling in a straight line quite difficult, it tends to blow straight down the rivers course.
Luckily all returned safely from the river, well almost. Unfortunately young Ryan Hunt [you remember our youngest ever competitor] capsized while trying to portage at the end of the kayak stage. Sudden cold immersion can be a shocker to anyone [jokes about Brass Monkey’s spring to mind] Not to de deterred, a few layers of clothing later and he was on his way again. In fact he finished the whole course again, a great effort.

Meanwhile back on the bike leg of the duathlon the athletes were making the most of the dry surface conditions and storming around the course. Not as much fun for the spectators as the icy wind made standing around decidedly chilly. They did not even have the fun of watching the crashes on the hill section, it just was not wet enough [we will have to fix that for next time] Even though I did not witness it I an sure that the up hill would have been conquered by a few hardy soles. Unfortunately poor old Emily Boldy, the first lady in the last race, could only look on in despair as an injury prevented her from competing.

At this stage I should mention your bold timekeeper stuck up on the top of the hill with no let up from that furious wind. They do a sterling job every race, keeping everyone on the right track. It is dedication like theirs that keep our races running – well done you fine chaps.

At various times everyone completed the bike laps and started to run again. I would just like to mention a rather sporting gesture made by one of our athletes as he lent his bike to a fellow competitor who’s bike had given up the ghost, good one mate. Just what we like to see at our races.

Back in the swamp it was not going to let go without a fight. Young Tristan Gingalis was sucked into the depths of the quagmire only to escape by the skin of his teeth but minus his shoes.  From that point on he will be know as the bare foot warrior as he completed a lap and a half in bare feet, rather you then me [brave or stupid, I will let you decide] Another fine example of true grit and fighting spirit, however he did send his mum in to fetch his shoes 

After all that excitement I know you want the results. In the duathlon the winner of race 2, Ryan Henry, triumphed again and crossed the line in 0:53:57 with second place going to the Wadenhoe veteran, Patrick Schalbetter, in a time of 0:59:35. The first lady to cross the line was Claire Scanlon in a time of 1:19:02 and the bare foot warrior, Tristan Gingalis, was the first under 23 male in a time of 1:09:33
In the Quad the first person across the line was Michael Krajewski in a time of 1:29:24 and Tom Watt closely followed him in a time of 1:30:51. Octavia chambers was the first lady to finish in a time of 2:02:30

Quadrathlon Results  
Position Name Cat Time
1st Michael Krajewski 6 – Adult Male 1:29:24
2nd Tom Watt 2 – Over 40 Male 1:30:51
3rd Richard Stagg 2 – Over 40 Male 1:37:42
4th Richard Ewels 6 – Adult Male 1:43:40
5th Patrick Moore 3 – Over 50 Male 1:47:28
6th Lucy Otto 5 – Adult Female 1:49:37
7th Jonathan Jack 6 – Adult Male 1:55:05
8th Octavia Chambers 5 – Adult Female 2:02:30
9th Ryan Hunt 1 – Under 23 Male 2:22:20
10th Julie Hunt 2 – Over 40 Female 2:22:32


Duathlon Results
Position Name Cat Time
1st Ryan Henry 6 – Adult Male 0:53:57
2nd Patrick Schalbetter 6 – Adult Male 0:59:35
3rd Michael Kelly 6 – Adult Male 1:01:31
4th Gregor Sedlmeier 6 – Adult Male 1:03:39
5th Mick Revill 2 – Over 40 Male 1:04:14
6th Nick Richards 6 – Adult Male 1:07:33
7th Tristan Gingalis 1 – Under 23 Male 1:09:33
8th Paul Hannah 3 – Over 50 Male 1:11:37
9th Ian Dick 3 – Over 50 Male 1:11:50
10th Will Stockton 1 – Under 23 Male 1:12:51
11th Edward Griffin 2 – Over 40 Male 1:15:30
12th Claire Scanlon 1 – Under 23 Female 1:19:02
13th Simon Taylor 2 – Over 40 Male 1:20:52
14th David Avery 6 – Adult Male 1:22:12
15th Matt Deavin 6 – Adult Male 1:23:15
16th Dan Simmons 6 – Adult Male 1:23:15
17th David McCarthy 2 – Over 40 Male 1:23:52
18th Megan Harris 5 – Adult Female 1:25:24
19th Matt Wade 2 – Over 40 Male 1:27:06
20th Nick Pykett 6 – Adult Male 1:30:08
21st Michael Courtney 6 – Adult Male 1:33:52
22nd Tony Barber 2 – Over 40 Male 1:33:52