Brandy Wharf Quad Race 3

Sunshine and Mud

A great fresh morning with plenty of sunshine welcomed the competitors of the 3rd Brandy Wharf Winter Warmer Series.

The first run saw Andy Rowlinson return first closely followed by Andy Grimwood and Andy Veitch. Andy Grimwood soon took the lead with his fast Kayak leg and then kept a comfortable lead to the end.

Dan Broughton rode an impressive bike leg to move him up into 2nd place with Andy Coultas chasing hard but had to settle for 3rd place.

Steve Bullivant had a puncture on his second bike lap and ran the final bike part dropping a couple of places.

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Place Name CAT Total
1 Andy Grimwood M 01:29:05
2 Dan Broughton M 01:34:44
3 Andy Coultas M 01:35:15
4 Andy Rowlinson M 01:38:44
5 John Pettinger M 01:40:48
6 Sandy Walster F 01:41:42
7 Andy Veitch M 01:42:44
8 Steve Bullivant M 01:43:41
DNF Peter Chappill M 01:38:05