New Year Swim in the Ancholme

Today saw a few members from Lincsquad kick off the New Year in crazy style with a swim in the River Ancholme. The river still has a number of areas covered in ice from the recent cold snap, in fact cold snap is an understatment!!

(Pictured from Left to Right) – Phil Binch, Steve Clark, Paul Carvill, Rob Wood, Steve Grocock and David Hinch.

So something that started off as a bit of a dare in the summer when it was nice and warm became a reality. First of all it was a quick pose for the camera and then with no messing it was straight into the Ancholme head first. The shock of the water making sure that you knew it was now a reality!! The plan was a simple swim across to the other side and back.

Everything went well and good cheer was still the order post swim and the safety kayak on standby was not needed.

In fact it went down that well it looks like we will be doing it again next year with a view to raising a bit of cash for charity.

Check out the YouTube video below 🙂