Snow hits Humberside

Humberside Police are experiencing significant calls for service due to the weather as are our partner agencies. We are asking the public to consider whether calls are essential before ringing and also to expect an increased response time.

As the bad weather continued across the region Humberside Police are still advising motorists to take extra care and drive according to the weather conditions.

The weather has left a number of roads across our region difficult to drive on and in some places poor visibility.

Rural roads have been particularly affected especially in the North Lincolnshire area. People are urged to travel only if it is essential.

The message being sent out today is that if you dont have to travel then don’t and please take care even if you are walking to your destination.

There have been no reports of any major incidents this morning, however the roads in the area that are causing some issues are:

The Humber Bridge was closed earlier but has now reopened with a 30mph speed limit.

The River Ancholme has all but disappeared!, Brigg has never seen such weather!!

And there is more to come……