BQA Annual Report and Virtual AGM 2022

Jean Ashley BQA Secretary

Dear BQA Race Organizers and Affiliates,

First and foremost I hope you have all stayed fit and healthy in what has been another challenging year for many of us!

I started last year’s Annual Report with these words …. ‘As most of you will know, I’m never stuck for words, but for once I didn’t really know where to start putting together our BQA Report ….’ Well it’s not been quite that bad this time …. thanks to you race organizers we did manage to have 3 Quads in our calendar and most of us managed at least one of them! Lets hope by next season we will all be firing on all cylinders! Motivation to train is often fueled by race adrenaline, so let’s hope we can back to racing, and put events in our calendar to fuel our passion!

As always we really appreciate your support and commitment to our sport and thank-you for organizing your Quadrathlon Races. We’ve have some great races organized by you and your ‘Teams’ all extremely hard working volunteers who give up there time each year, please thank them all again on behalf of the BQA.

You can read the ‘2021 BQA Annual Report and Virtual AGM’ click here.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas, suggestions or comments, all will be most welcome, Thank-you.

We really hope you can continue to organize a Quadrathlon/Kayak Tri in your race calendar. We will promote your event and help out as much as we can to get as many athletes as possible at your race, lets keep our sport moving forwards!

Wishing you all a safe winter’s training and racing and hears to be a Wonderful Adventurous 2022!

See you all Next Year

Best Wishes Jean