Duathlon training race 3 & 4

Wednesday (i know that because all of them are Wednesdays), the 1st of May, (I know that as it says on the calendar) was the third one in the series, (I know that because there has been two before this one) was the Scunthorpe triathlon clubs Duathlon, (which in its’elf is a bit weird as the club does not do triathlons).

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Majorca training for LincsQuad Club Champs

Fresh from the warmer climate of a Spanish island,  Ric Longcake reflects on a less than ideal race at the club championships

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Club Champions Crowned for 2019

Congratulation to Chris Gibbs and Katie Scutt who have taken the overall Club Champion titles at todays Early Brigg Sprint.

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Round 2 Lincsquad TT 2019

4 seasons in one TT…..

A few people have asked me about how long it takes to write these TT reports.  My answer is that you can’t pitch up home ten minutes after the race, warm up the computer and wing this gig.   The race results, CTT affiliations, Lincsquad’s members list and weather details need to be scoured.  We always quickly trawl through social media for rider opinions and talking points.

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Duathlon Provisional Results for race 2 of 2019

As I sit drinking a lovely cold beer, looking up the garden and admiring all the hard work I have manged to get out off (due to the fact last year I had major surgery, a Kidney removed and I am still not 100%). it starts me thinking, which is dangerous I know, but it does. It makes me ponder things like

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Box Office Smash for first TT of Lincsquad’s 2019 series

First Night Box Office Smash for Lincsquad TT!


Welcome to the first Lincsquad TT report of 2019 where every day is now Wednesday, today is yesterday, tomorrow is today, yesterday is tomorrow and I don’t even know what the rest of the week is!  Kings and Queens of the TT scene, seldom seen and very mean, let’s all eat some jelly beans, while brushing up our TT terminology with this aide memoir.

Headwind Simply a great workout- More wind please
Uphill Enjoy your fornightly HIIT incline at Redbourne Roundabout
Bad weather Builds character – Weaker people would stay at home- but not you
Bad weather, uphill and headwind Bear Grylls would be inspired.  You are hard as nails and can conquer anything!
Minute man An opportunity for a little competition- Being overtaken is not an option.

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2019 Duathlon’s Are Go

Report by Jeff Chappill

Wednesday the 3rd April 2019 saw the start of the Scunthorpe triathlon club training race series (with once again the emphasis on training). With the flood defence work taking place at Burringham the location was moved to Flixborough Industrial estate for this, the first, in 11 training events. The weather was very kind on us with near perfect conditions. 62 Athletes signed on and all 62 completed the 1–13-1 course.

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Scunthorpe Tri Duathlon series 2019

Dates, distances and locations for the summer duathlon series run by the Scunthorpe Tri club are now available. Click on the link to view: Summer Duathlon 2019 poster

For further information please contact Jason Frary 07947146988 or Jeff Chappill 07850545790


Team Clements tackles the Puffer

Two years ago I did the Strathpuffer solo for the first time and said I would never do it again but after a few months, when the feeling finally returned to my toes, I made a few notes of what I would do different, IF I did it again.

For those who are not familiar with this event it is a 24 hour mountain bike race held in the Highlands of Scotland in January, where competitors can compete as a team of 4, in pairs or if daft enough solo.

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British Triathlon TriMark awarded

LincsQuad is pleased to announce that we are the latest club in the East Midlands division to be awarded the bronze level Trimark award. Trimark is the BTF’s version of British Cycling’s clubmark which we obtained in July last year. The bronze level looked at aspects associated with club management, the activity programme we provide, club policies and duty of care aspects.