Lovely, bright and brutal for the 2nd TT

It was déjà vu for TT2: lovely and bright but with a cold wind blowing.  Again, there was a tough headwind on the return leg, the description in vogue being “BRUTAL”.  Times were very similar to last week but Mark Turner, Darren Scutt and Roo Butterill all managed to shave time off TT1 with the largest time improvement belonging to Malcolm Marshall who reduced his time by 53 seconds.

Congratulations go to Ben Creasy and Claire West who topped the male and female leader boards. Ben put in a fantastic effort at 22:50 and Claire sneaked into the field at the end and took the honours in 27:51. It was good to see a few more of the ladies out in the field this week and Lincsquad had a great showing taking 3 of the top 4 spots: as well as Ben in 1st,  Chris Ware had another excellent ride in 3rd and Jon Challen was close behind him in 4th. Sheehan Quirke stormed to 2nd in 23:02 with young Jacob Riby putting in another sterling performance to take 5th.

A huge thanks to the marshals and time keepers who were again frozen to their posts and had to be chipped out with ice picks.  They were all still smiling!

Ben CreasyLincsquadMale5422.50111
Sheehan QuirkeBWCCMale1023.0222
Chris WareLincsquadMale223.10332
Jon ChallenLincsquadMale3623.45443
Jacob RibySportslabMale824.0355
Kevin WilsonGuestMale1624.1266
Kev LovettLincsquadMale4824.26774
Dan Ellis53elevenMale1424.2788
Mark GollingsLincsquadMale1224.52995
James NobleGuestMale5624.561010
Steve HallLincsquadMale5224.5611116
David HinchLincsquadMale2625.0612127
Andrew HobleyLincsquadMale3426.5313138
Tony EnglandLincsquadMale2226.5414149
Mark TurnerLincsquadMale3227.11151510
Darren ScuttLincsquadMale5027.12161611
Malcolm MarshallLincsquadMale5827.20171712
Roo ButterillLincsquadMale3827.43181813
Claire WestLincsquadFemale6027.511911
Ryan BirkittOffthatcouchfitnessMale3027.592019
Rachel GottliebScunthorpe Road ClubFemale4228.18212
Richard LakeLincsquadMale2028.48222014
Vikki WilsonGuestFemale4628.59233
Malcolm DentLincsquadMale429.40242115
Karen BraithwaiteLincsquadFemale2429.442542
Steve CanningsLincsquadMale4430.11262216
Katie ScuttLincsquadFemale2830.442753
Courtney BaldwinUniversity of Lincoln CCFemale4031.02286
Walter KentLincsquadMale640.50292317