Steelie determination in the battle of the Scutt’s

Katie completes an emotional Steelman but could she beat her dad?

So I never thought I would ever be writing a race report…nevermind for a Half Ironman!!
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Duathlon Results from Training Race 10

Training race 10 (hard to believe only one left).

The event was back at the home of Duathlons Burringham car park at the South endish of the village. Continue reading

Duathlon Results from Training Race 9

It’s hard to believe that’s it’s been 18 weeks since the series started, with 21 athletes having already qualified by completing 7 of the 9 training races, with 3 of those having completed all 9.

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I scream, you scream 12 TT racers scream for ice cream!!

TT report Round 9

My Irish grandma on both sides, as well as my mum, my aunties, my cousins, my sister, my nieces all say that nothing really cools you down as much as a cup of tea.  Continue reading

JC back in the data dungeon…..

I promised an update and here it is!! enjoy great Lincsquadrilandrian  TT racer types

Ciao Ciao Ciao

Pam and JC.

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Provisional TT standings…. All to play for…..

Copy of Overall 2019TT organising is a lot like Monopoly.  Everyone loves the game at the start.  There are railways, there are pubs, high value streets……  None of us fully understand the rules….. It feels like it goes on for absolutely ages.  At the end, someone wins, but is everyone happy about it?

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Hill-arious things that go BUMP in the night

Round 8 hill climb report

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Three Free Taster Sessions in August

For certain dates in August we are offering three free taster sessions for anyone to come and try what LincsQuad has to offer as a club. This will be at no charge; all we ask that we know you are intending to come so we can ensure that we have the correct coach to attendee ratio.

What’s on Offer?

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Youth section takes a leap forward with new bikes

Earlier this week LincsQuad purchased five new bikes for our Youth Section from JC Cook Cycles Ltd

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Meet the Coaches – Last but not least, we meet the final three of our coaching staff

Last but not least are the final three members of our coaching team.

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