Updated 8th April 2020

Our priority continues to be the safety of everyone involved be that members, parents,  coaches or facility staff at our training venues. Our training protocol is outlined below and subject to government guidlelines.

LincsQuad Covid-19 training protocol

LincsQuad will comply with guidance given by British Triathlon and British Cycling national governing bodies, (NGB). It is important that all club members understand what these are as it dictates what service the coaching team can safely offer.

Our coaches will provide advice and guidance to group needs under the Covid-19 protocol.

This is a general summary of the guidance:

  1. The maximum group size, (cluster) will be 6, which includes 1 coach. The numbers attending any sessions that are offered will be dictated by this ratio. Until the coach education programme starts your club has a limited number of coaches.
  2. Try to stay local when training
  3. Use your own equipment, nutrition, and hydration.
  4. Wash and sanitise hands prior to and after training
  5. Maintain 2m distancing from those who do not live in the same household. In certain circumstances cyclists can cross contaminate up to 20m, so another reason to practice drafting rules. If the 2m distance is not possible running alongside someone for a short period is better than behind them. This also applies to open water swimmers.
  6. Train outside if with others not from your household
  7. Do not attend training clusters if:
    • You have covid-19
      • For those who have had a positive covid 19 test or treatment for this virus must seek medical advice and clearance to return to physical activity. LincsQuad reserve the right to ask for written confirmation that authority has been given.
    • Have symptoms of covid-19 which are:
      • A high temperature
      • A new continuous cough
      • The loss of or change in your ability to smell or taste
    • You are vulnerable to the virus
    • You live with someone who is vulnerable to the covid-19
    • You have been asked to remain at home by the NHS

Whilst attending a training session you may wear a face cover if you feel it is necessary for you. Allow for the fact that breathing is more difficult and body temperature rises more rapidly plus face coverings when wet are not much use.

You must remain with your cluster. The fewer different people you train with reduces the opportunity for cross contamination.

If any of the cluster report symptoms then the whole cluster should self isolate. So let them know and the club know.

When a club member books onto an arranged session they also agree to abide by the Covid-19 protocol.

Pete Chappill, Covid-19 Officer

For matters relating to above please contact Pete by emailing to: