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Youth Academy Training Framework

The Youth Academy training programme is based on the Long Term Physical Development framework (LTPD) focusing on the core ABC’s of agility, balance & coordination.

Long Term Physical Development framework

By having an appreciation that everyone develops differently, the LTPD framework is based around a set of phases which monitor maturity, growth & ability managing an individual’s progression towards sustainable development via training, competition and recovery aspects throughout their life in sport.

In delivering the framework a set of guiding principles are set out:

  • The programs direct athletes toward doing the right thing at the right time.
  • Athletes are encouraged to achieve stage specific outcomes prior to undertaking activities associated with the subsequent stage.
  • Training Programmes are tailored to the individual based on the nature of their development and considers their physical, psychological and social characteristics.

As such these principles place more emphasis on core skill training in the early stages of a person’s development and recognise that full potential may not be reached until the mid to late 20’s. This however does not signify that being competitive and seeking to win are not important but looks to retain interest in sport over the long term.

It should also be recognised that the framework is not looking or seen as aiming to develop and produce ‘elite’ standard future athletes but assist in providing everybody with an opportunity to realise their own potential.

There is an importance within the framework laid on the encouragement to develop good basic skills that will allow a young person to participate in wide variety of sports as well as laying a solid foundation for the elements within the tradition of Lincsquad.

For our coaches this framework has the potential to assist them in ensuring development programmes are centric around the athlete allowing for individual needs and not that of those who happen to be within the same age group. In so doing identifying the particular growth stages and development will form the basis of effective training programmes.

A number of UK sports along with BTF are exploring this approach but is most prevalent within the Canadian Triathlon scene at this time. As a club we have also tapped into the expertise and the knowledge network at North Lindsey College to understand what putting this framework in place would mean.

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