2012 Open Time Trials with the CTT

As well as our own club ‘Time Trials’ which start on the 11th April 2012 (Dave Hinch will provide more details shortly), there are also open events that you can enter as long as you are a member of a CTT affiliated club such as Lincsquad.

Time trialling is the simplest of competitive formats: a race against the clock, with riders starting a minute apart. It’s known as the ‘race of truth’ because there’s nowhere to hide, no one to draft behind; just you and the bike and the thumping of your heart. Oh, and a clock ticking.

Most events are fixed distance, being 10,25,50 or 100 miles. There are also fixed time events -12 and 24 hours -with the objective being to ride the furthest you can. Courses are on public roads and are either’out and back’, using a roundabout to turn halfway, or circuits with consecutive left turns.

Mark Dyer has kindly put together a list of some of the events in Lincolnshire below.

Date/Day       Course/Distance    Event Start/£     Organising Club        Comments

03-Mar Sat    C10/27 10mile      14:00/£7.5           Scunthorpe RC          A15/Kirton to M180 return

11-Mar Sun   CS/13 22mile        09:00/£7.5           Bourne Whs CC (Hardriders) Rolling! Essendine

17-Mar Sat    O10/1 10mile         13:00/£8            Doncaster Whlrs        Hat.Woodhse/Blaxton. (Tyram lake)

25-Mar Sun   CS/9 27mile            09:00/£7            Spalding CC              Edenham

01-Apr Sun    C25/10 25mile       10:00/£7.5         Skegness Wheelers  Candlesby

07-Apr Sat     C10/10 10m          14:00/£8            Sleaford Wheelers CC Sleaford

08-Apr Sun     C25/27 25m          09:00/£15          Boston Wheelers CC (2 Up TTT) Frithville (£15 per team)

14-Apr Sat     CS/4 15.5m           14:00/£15           Lincolnshire RRA  (2 Up TTT) At Horncastle

29-Apr Sun    CS/11 19m             08:00/£7.5         Scunthorpe RC           Scotter/Susworth/Morton

12-May Sat    C10/7 10m            14:00/£8             Barton Wheelers       Barton

13-May Sun    C25/3 25m           10:00/£7.5          Lincs RRA (MM 1:00:00) Saxilby/Newton/Besthorpe

(MM 1:00:00) indicates preference to people who’ve not gone sub 1hr last 3 seasons. If full field slowest riders given preference. Good event for first time 25m TT on safe course.

20-May Sun    C10/9 10m           09:00/£7.5          Lincs RRA                   Skendleby

26-May Sat     O13C 13m/26m   13:00/£10           Rudy Project TT Series Bessingham/Gringley/Clayworth

Doncaster Wheelers promotion (my old club!) of the regional event of the national Rudy Project series. Good course with a few testing drags and little traffic. 2 years ago Michael Hutchinson won men’s event and Sarah Storey (Paralympian gold medallist and first person to ride for full GB team) the woman’s. This year Julia Shaw won the women’s event – by far the best female in TTs over the past few years. 13mile for woman/juniors/male veterans. 26m for senior men/espoirs.  🙂

27-May Sun    C25/1 25m           13:00/£7.5          Lincolnshire RRA (CENTENARY EVENT) At Tattershall

03-Jun Sun     C25/17 25m         08:00/£7.5          Scunthorpe Road Club Great Coates (on A180/Barnetby)

09-Jun Sat      C10/4 10m           14:00/£7.5          Lindsey Roads CC       Not location details in handbook!

16-Jun Sat      C50/2 50m           14:00/£8             Sleaford Wheelers CC  As above!

24-Jun Sun     C25/35 25m          09:00/£7            Spalding CC                 Donington

30-Jun Sat      C10/4 10m           14:00/£7.5          Lindsey Roads CC       No location details!

01-Jul Sun      C50/8 50m           08:00/£7.5          Scunthorpe RC          Gt Limber/Brigg/Barton/Laceby

03-Jul Tue      C10/8 10m           19:00/£8(£2 for boys/girls) incoporating GHS LINCS DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP school boys/girls 12-16yrs. All get medal I believe and can qualify for National finals (Alford Whls CC) (Championship Entry Forms only for boys/girls). At Alford

08-Jul Sun     C25/35 25m          08:00/£8 Sleaford Wheelers CC         Donington

14-Jul Sat     C10/28 10m          14:00/£8  Lincoln Wheelers (CHARITY)  Ingham (Gift downhill to finish that you never pedal up in the event!!)

22-Jul Sun     C10/9  10m           14:00/£7.5  Skegness Wheelers        Skendleby

28-Jul Sat      C10/10 10m          16:00/£7.5   Witham Wheelers          Sleaford

12-Aug Sun   C25/27 25m          09:00/£8     Alford Wheelers              Frithville

02-Sep Sun    C30/7 30m           09:00/£7.5   Lincolnshire RRA             Boston

09-Sep Sun    C10/28 10m         10:00/£8      Trent Valley RC               Ingham – that downhill again!

16-Sep Sun    CS/8 24.5m          10:00 Men/Esp RTTC Rudy Project Time Trial Series (LINCS DISTRICT)

16-Sep Sun    CS/3 14.1m         10:00 Women/Male Vets/Juniors RTTC Rudy Project Time Trial Series (LINCS DISTRICT) Harby/Saxilby.

So, that’s the vast majority of the Lincolnshire events. Also lots more events in Yorkshire and North Midlands districts which are not far away. Link to CTT for more events: