Duathlon Results 13th June


In the past some have accused me of my Race reports being a little tongue in cheek and maybe not as accurate as they could be. So to put the record straight I have written this one and can confirm all the details are as they should be:

Training Race 6 (accurate) 13th June 2018 (again accurate) was the event and date of the Duathlon. The venue was once again (we have used it before so that is accurate) Flixborough industrial estate which is the site of the former Normanby park steel plant (again historical data which is accurate).

The route was one we had used before and from comments made is very popular (at least two people said it so that makes it popular, just like I am popular because at least two people like me) with distances set as 2 miles for the run (as accurate as the course allows), followed by an approx. 12 mile ride with a couple of good climbs (one long drag but you do it twice) and a couple of nice downhill sections (in fact they are nice slopes and you do the same one twice) with a 1 mile run to complete the evening.

The conditions were good, not perfect as there was a stiff breeze but nothing that would really hamper anyone.

From my perspective the days preparations had gone really well. I had been extremely busy at work (accurate) and it had taken my mind of the tough challenge that laid ahead. Food wise I had eaten both carbs and protein with some fibre (maybe overdoing the fibre if you know what I mean).

Bike and kit loaded into the car I arrived at the venue (people can vouch for the fact that I arrived at the venue) in plenty of time to get my kit sorted, then be briefed on the route.

The nerves as always started to kick in but I kept my race face off and had a lovely surprise from one young lady who had come along to support me (Ok and her husband) of an Americano (that’s a coffee for those how are not quite as well versed in the finer things in life). I Knew I had not better drink it all or I would be seeing even more of the fibre and doing a Paula, so consumed about a third (stated about as I did not measure the quantity so would not want to state this as accurate).

Over to the start line where the group entered into friendly banter, warm up done and listening for the count down 5, 4, 3, 2 and off I went, me leading from before the word go. I was caught on the run by Kerry, who’s running has come on amazingly well over the last few years. Out to the first mile turn point in a time that I had not run since the last time I ran that time over that distance. On the way back I felt relaxed and gave words of encourage to all the other runners who at this point where trying hard to chase us down.

First run finished and into transition, which besides from the low hanging tree branches went Ok. I had just managed to get out in front of all other competitors, a position I was determined to hang to.

This being the first time I had ridden this course since the last time I rode it, I was unsure what sort of effort to apply and when, so did what I do best and just went as fast as I could for as far as I can.

Being out on the front of the pack can feel like the Hare at a dog race but I thrive on it. The only two riders I saw where on their first lap as I was on my second so I just had to concentrate on my own technique and push as hard as I could.

Soon on my way back towards transition, still with no one in front of me. Bike shoes off, trainers on and away I went. This time no one to run with so the pace had to be all mine. As I rounded the corner I could see the Hounds in the shape of Jack and Pete coming up the road. I knew that I would need to keep my effort going if I was to cross that line first. Turn point of the run and I could see that the second half was the same length as the first half. I knew that I was still being chased down but that the gap was still enough for me to make it back first. Round the top corner after a strong run up the hill (slight incline) and over the line to the applause from all the supporters (including Valerie, sometimes known as Katie). As always I had won, I completed my goals and crossed the line first. Then as an added bonus I still had 2/3rds (approx.) of my coffee left.

Another  great effort by all who made great efforts, well supported by all who supported and well time keeped by all who time kept.

Click below to view the results:

2018 Training race 6 results

As always if you have any problems with the attached results please contact me via my email address as no replies on the Forum will be replied to and no replies on Facebook will be seen by me (again all accurate)


Kind regards,

Jeff Chappill