Duathlon Results 27th June

Unbelievably we have now completed 7 of the 11 in the series, with a few people having completed all 7 (which does not mean they can sit the rest out)., as the results are based around how fast you go in each race not how many people attend. Your top 7 performances based on your times are then taken and a total score calculated, no I am not telling you the calculation.

I am often asked how the awards are worked out, after I have stopped laughing at the fact someone actually things they are worked out, I try to explain.

We take the amount of letters in the name of the first person alphabetically x that by the number of letters in the name of the last person alphabetically divide by a meat and potato (pie) then ask my Mum. We actually base the results on a roll down basis where by no one can win more than one award unless there is no one else in the category which is just as hard and complicated as the formula. This was done to avoid Jeff taking a clean sweep of all the categories (excluding the female one’s)

So on with the race report. This one is a little different as it has been said that the last few have mostly been about the top athletes (well actually about Jeff) so I have decided to interview a few of our regulars and get their stories.


Firstly Malcom Dent;

Me: “Hi Malcolm can I ask you why you take part in the Duathlon training races”

Malcom “Yes you can”

Me “thank you, so why do you take part In the training races”

Malcolm, “I think they are a great way to build up fitness levels, when you look at the likes of Jeff and how he has progressed over the years”

Me “ So what would say is your strongest discipline”

Malcolm “ It’s the cycling, and I shall let you into the secret, it’s not about how fast you pedal or pedal technique no it’s all about bringing the right bike for the course, the weather and the road conditions, however I still struggle to get close to Jeff’s times

Me “ where are hoping to see improvements”

Malcolm  “in my run times. So far this year Jeff has worked wonders on my running down at the Monday sessions. He is not only a great athlete and a great sport but also a great coach”

Me “Ok Malcolm that’s great thanks for talking to me”


This next port of call had to be the king of the colour coordination himself Mr Tony England

Me Hi Tony can I ask you why you take part in the Duathlon training race”

Tony “Yes you can”

Me “thank you, so why do you take part In the training races”

Tony “like Malcolm has said it’s a great way to get fit, and show of my new Oakley kit, including the new range of hair gel. I like to think one day that I will be able to move up the ranks and hopefully race against Jeff, but I know that there is a long way to go before I can hope to do that”.

Me “ Would you say that the way in which the training races are run is comparable to any other race you have done”

Tony “ most definitely the way in which the Scunthorpe triathlon committee put this together is amazing, Jeff (oh and Jason and Debs) really put in the time and effort to make everything run so smooth, the warm welcome and words of encouragement just keep us going”

Me “so where has your best improvements come from”

Tony “that’s easy my times have got better in both disciplines and the reason for that is Jeff’s spin classes and the tips Jeff gives me at the running sessions”

Me “Thanks Tony.

So thought as to avoid been classed as sexist I thought would ask one of the ladies (term kept loose to avoid narrowing the options) what they thought, so I had the following discussion with young Louise.

Me “Hi Lou, can I ask why you do the duathlons

Lou “No”

Me “OK”

Me ”So there we go a race report full of facts and not about me, hope you all enjoy.

2018 Training race 7 results

Finally, should you have any issues with the results please email jeff.iwontchangeathing.stopmoaning/itsnotarace.com


Kind regards,

Jeff Chappill