Duathlon Results 31st May

31st May 2017, 48 athletes made the long trek up the A15 or the 1077 to the remote location known locally as Deepdale (the home of the famous Deepdale dash).
Weather wise what a difference 14 days can make, the sun shone and the wind blew somewhere else. The first 2 mile run is known as undulating, this followed by 3 laps on the bike (again an undulating route) with a 1 mile run (yes you guessed it, it’s undulating) to finish.
The tough course took it’s toll  on man and machine, with three competitors having to withdraw, two with Mechanical issue’s and one with an old injury flaring up. This course is not designed for the faint hearted with some describing it as the Martmite of the duathlon season.

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 14th June puts us back at Burringham with the start time back to normal (6.30pm) for a 1, 14, 2.
 NOTE: an amendment has been made to training race 4 results, Paul Adams was mistakenly put down as Rick Allison. This has not effected any of the positions  or rankings. Apologies to Paul for the error.
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