Duathlon training race 3 & 4

Wednesday (i know that because all of them are Wednesdays), the 1st of May, (I know that as it says on the calendar) was the third one in the series, (I know that because there has been two before this one) was the Scunthorpe triathlon clubs Duathlon, (which in its’elf is a bit weird as the club does not do triathlons).

The venue was one we had used before so no point going on about that. The weather was the same as it as been before so no point going on about that and Valerie was there instead of going over (having asked her she said she did not know where to go either).
50 people turned up and started the event with all 50 completing, the difference this time was one individual managed go the right way at the first turn which was an improvement on his performance from round two (you know who you are).
This was the first of three handicaps races we do as part of the series. The results posted are the series results with the handicap winners being announced at the annual awards ceremony, that we hold every year. To qualify you must have completed the first two races. For the second handicap (race 7) you must of completed 5 of the 7 (this one will be a handicap start) and for the third which is race 11 you must have completed at least 7.
I am unable to attend the next training race so I have included the results for that one (see attached). See below for the race report.
The venue was Normanby Hall country park. Start time as always was 6.30pm. The weather was Sunny with rain and no wind with a bit of a hurricane.
A load of athletes turned up and completed the run bike run format.
A fella won the mans training race with a woman winning the ladies.
Jason set off in wave three when really he should be in four.
The fast lads drafted behind Debs again.
Craig did not stop talking all the way round.
That’s it really.
Any problems with either set of results get in touch.