Lincsquad And Youth Academy Awards 2014

With another highly successful year almost over and the club growing ever bigger its time to look back and acknowledge the efforts of Lincsquadders during 2014.

Yes its the Lincsquad awards and this year we need YOU to nominate club members by browsing the categories below and thinking back to who beat you, who made you work harder, who did you see out there training, helping or doing anything else (not necessarily a racer!) that put the club and themselves on the map! The categories are…..


Newbie to Quad – The Lincsquadder who has competed in a Quadrathlon for the first time.

Make a splash award – the Lincsquadder who has spent more time swimming alongside his kayak than paddling it.

Coach of the year

Most Improved

Blogger/Best post of the year

Village sign sprinter / Slave to Strava

Prettiest bike – The All the gear award

Race performance

Most motivated

WAG – Wives and Girlfriends

Lincsquadder of the year

Sexiest bum in lycra

Ironman 2014

Female of the year 2014

Male of the year 2014

As well as the above we will also be celebrating the success of the Youth Academy which continues to grow and develop our future Lincsquad stars.

Best Youth – as voted by the Youth Members

Youth of the Year – as voted by the Lincsquad members

Most Improved Award

Youth Male of the Year cycling

Yoth Female of the Year cycling

Youth race performance

We shall also me awarding the TT trophies for overall male and female, the top 5 male and female plus youth male and female winners.

In total over 40 trophies to be award on the night!

As a club we feel it extremely inportant we recognise EVERYBODY who is involved within this club so make sure you nominate those who you feel deserve it and if possible say why.

You might just prompt someone elses memory.

PM, email or text your nominations before Midnight October 31st to either Steve Clark, Steven Dolby, David Hinch, Nicky Robinson. Youth member Votes to Jeff Chappill or Stephen Cannings. We will collate the names and publish the nominees on the forum in November where the winner will be decided in the usual way by whoever receives the most votes in the Poll.

Get nominating!