LQ10/2 lady racers have straightened their pony tails and are bringing home the PBs…..Guys…..keep up!!

It’s PBs galore at the Lincsquad TTs (if you’re a lady, that is).

Well we’ve had 3 rounds (and a bath) so far in the Lincsquad TT series so we thought it was about time to do a little bit of analysis and give a shout out to all those riders who have been improving on their best times by posting PBs, so here it is ………….

Round 1: It was cold, it was early in the season and we were all wondering if we ought to keep our scarves and mittens on. However that didn’t stop Camilla Morgan (8 secs) and Catherine Smart (2 secs) showing us that their winter training had paid off.

Round 2: It was blowing a hoolie, just getting to the turn point in under 30 minutes was to be commended. Showing that they don’t worry about such things as head winds were Caitlin Bower (1 min 10 secs) and Katie Scutt (42 secs).

Round 3: Records will show that Flipper (10 secs), Nemo (8 secs) and Jaws (3 secs) all “battered” their previous PBs.

Round 4: It was dry, it was wet, it was dry ……………….. the weather couldn’t make its mind up! Riders who did make their mind up (that they were going to smash their previous PBs) were Katie Scutt (a further 2 mins 55 secs, woweeee) and Karen Braithwaite (2 mins 20 secs, cor blimey). Improving on their PBs from Round 1 were Camilla Morgan (46 secs) and Catherine Smart (40 secs).

The more observant of you may have spotted that all of these riders had one thing in common. In addition to having bucket loads of grit, determination and effort, these riders are all ………………. Ladies. So Gents, we here at TT Towers are throwing down the gauntlet for Round 5. We don’t want to hear any excuses about the temperature, air pressures, wind speed / direction, humidity, gear ratios, tyre pressures, etc. we want to see some PBs. Put that beer down, give that Victoria sponge cake to your neighbour and get on that turbo trainer and put some practice in. Disclaimer, on the off chance that you’ve posted a PB and we’ve missed it, please get in touch via email at tt@lincsquad.co.uk

Well done ladies, keep up the great work.