oh, its chips its chips, we hope its chips its chips…..thank you Lincsquad for the chip butties tonight!

Dear TTers,

On behalf of Lincsquad, Jon and myself, welcome to the final TT report. This year’s TT series has been a great success.  As TT secretary, I’m truly thankful to everyone who has volunteered their time.  I can tell that every Lincsquadder is committed to helping keep this club going strong, and it’s inspiring to see.  The TT series, this celebration of all things 2 wheeled and speedy, has stood the test of time.  I hope that racers, their families and supporters enjoyed the special final night tonight at The King William pub.

Before we get to the juicy chip stained report, there are a few people I would like to thank for their amazing work these past few weeks.

I have enormous respect for anyone that puts on an event never mind a series of races.  The planning, procuring and organization that is involved mostly goes unseen by the participants.  For calculating this series results, stepping into timekeeping and helping with every other type of promotional event work that you can think of, Lincsquad and myself would like to acknowledge the lovely and kind Jon Challen.  He has taken Lincsquad’s concept of a TT series and made it better than we could have imagined.  Thank you Jon, this series has been a wonderful, glorious, sometimes horrific thing, thank you for stepping into the breach many times.

I also want to thank Rob and Cathy Walsh for taking care of the money and countless other bits of admin this series.

This year, the time keeping team Jess, Emma and Anna have gone to pastures new.  Lincsquad, JC and myself send genuine thanks for the time that you have committed to the role of time keeping over the years.  Thanks to Wayne also, for always being the first to volunteer and help at these events.

Thanks to Ed, who has been extraordinarily generous this year by donating prizes and really made this event possible.

Another big thanks to our hosts of the King William pub for letting us use this beautiful venue.

And last, but not the least. I want to thank everyone for coming tonight, and also through the series, to support the racing.  Thank you to everyone who donated to the chosen charity Blue Door.  Without your continued support, we wouldn’t be able to continue to put on these events.

Results and report


Okay, well, would you believe that our tortoise (Obiwan kanobi) ate the results tonight?  We have not got a clue who won, or what times you did, until of course the results present themselves from ObiWan’s back side in a few days.  So, in the meantime, a lot of racers genuinely looked fast tonight!  If you think you did a fast time, I can 100 percent agree that you did a fast time.  The fastest man came over the line really quickly and was followed quickly, by the second placed man.  The man who came third, well no dice, he gave it beans and deserved his third place!

The fastest lass was really quick and wore a really pretty coloured skin suit.  The lass in second had carefully coordinated her kit to her bike and by George she was fast.  The third lady wasn’t as fast as the second lady, however she was faster than the fourth lady so that’s a great job I think!

One of life’s great mysteries was finally solved, the ID of the Baron…… he was there all along!  Mr David Hinch!  Many thanks for your words of wisdom this year!  Chris Ware takes home the golden detective prize for correctly guessing the Baron’s ID.

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the King William’s trophies for speed.  Camilla Morgan displayed strength throughout this series and was humble in her acceptance of her trophy which signifies that she is the fastest Lincsquad TT lass on the course this year.  In contrast, Sheehan Quirke partied like tonight was 1999…. He only went and won the fastest male King William trophy!  Yes, he was the fastest male Lincsquadder on the course this year!  Congratulations Sheehan, a well deserved win!

My final thoughts on Lincsquad’s 2019 TT series are that to succeed at a series, you need to be part road cyclist, part TT racer, belligerent and an expert strategist.  (Although if you happen to be an Olympian, this may also help).  However, if you turn up and just do your best, this may also be the best option, just see what happens!  If you qualified for the series this year, the final results evidence that you have ridden your bike at least 5 times this summer and also that you have given time back to your club by volunteering to marshal in all kinds of weather.  Maybe, these races have made the TT rider dig deep into their unknown resilience.  Perhaps, they are used as a way of escape, evasion, perhaps refuge.  All racers have shown a level of commitment, seriousness, humility and a sprinkling of laughter when they hit those pbs.  Well done TTers of 2019, we look forward to seeing you race strong in 2020.


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Ciao, Ciao, Ciao

Pam, Jon and the TT team.


Name No Club Min Sec
Chris Ware 10 Lincsquad 23 8
Matt Austin 3 Lincsquad 23 46
Dan Ellis 13 53/11 24 30
Jacob Riby 1 Sportslab 25 30
Camilla Morgan F 12 Lincsquad 26 9
Jayne Baldwin F 11 I cannot read the club! 26 11
Fiona Fisk F 9 Lincsquad 26 17
Jane Taylor F 8 Lincsquad 26 24
Malcolm Dent 4 Lincsquad 26 33
Tony England 5 Lincsquad 26 53
Mark Turner 6 Lincsquad 27 10
Claire West F 14 Lincsquad 28 8
Rich Morton 7 Lincsquad 28 10
Katie Scutt F 2 Lincsquad 29 10