Race Report: My First Middle Distance Triathlon – Grafman 28th June 2015 – By Rach Jackson

rach photo11.2 mile Swim

56 mile Bike

13.1 mile Run


All in 08:30:00?? ….. I hoped so. The aim enjoy enjoy enjoy #Nothingtolose.

Saturday collected my race pack, T Shirt & Hooded Top, checked out the transition area and lake.

The training is done, the pavements have been pounded, the roads cycled, the pools and lakes swam, 7 months of training and the day had arrived.  I was nervous and excited, the alarm went off at 5:45am and I was up, dressed ready to go. The camper was filled with the Jacksons and my bike a tri kit, and we set off on the massive journey (2 miles from campsite!!).

Then it Rained Rained Rained!

7am Immodium taken (for run precautions!!) Transition set up and back to the van to get my wetsuit on.

There was x3 swim waves Elite Men, Men 40+ then all women. The water had some invasive Shrimp which meant wetsuits were not allowed out of transition without being dipped in Milton Sterlising fluid…..The shrimp were so small you didn’t see any, last thing on my mind.

8:10 and we was off, it was like a washing machine mixed with a boxing ring, .I was pulled, pushed, kicked, hit, swam over. Really enjoyed the swim I was comfy even better on the second lap.  It was an Australian Swim which is where you swim 1 lap, get out, run round barriers back in the water for the last lap.

Transition: Time was not the key I kept a cool head got my suit off, socks etc on, and out.

The Bike: Time to try and pace it right and not burn the legs.  It was raining as I set off, wind was picking up, felt cold and wished I had my Lincsquad Bike Jacket I left in transition!!! Never mind too late! This was meant to be a flat fast course!! So off I went, at mile 5 a short and sharp hill, I always climb sat in the saddle, nope too sharp had to get out the seat (I was hoping not many more like this please) got to the compulsory foot down at 6 miles which meant I biked past my nice warm Lincsquad Bike Jacket!!!! 10 miles in I was fine warm, but wet, but the rain didn’t bother me or biking on the roads in it, I got t the main part of the cycle where it was 2 laps, undulating but nothing horrendous and as I had to go up and turn round to go back on myself so I had to go down them. Its a fast course.  I was lapped 15/20 miles in by the fasties on their 2nd lap (them boys were ffaaassssstttt). Bike was going well saw the bike failures, punctures, injured along the way, felt gutted for them, but pleased Gareth Joseph serviced my bike and it was spot on. 2 laps in I headed back to Grafham, 48 miles a hill, great, 50 miles another hill looked massive! Got my speed up for momentum that took me 3/4 up then bang out the seat again the top was sharp, couldnt unclip runners could now see me! I worked up it thinking about the killer spinning sets Jeff got me doing, I was up, panting but up, recovered quick and I was in to the dismount area in no time, dreading the heavy leg feeling, but it wasn’t bad.

Transition 2: Chocolate fix, Coca Cola Fix trainers on I was off after a brief word with Chris.

The Run: 2 lap course, this was more mental than physical, but decided as I was well within all the cut off times I had given myself a good time to do it in I just relaxed, paced it and enjoyed it. The rain had just stopped 1/2 mile in and it was humid and muggy. Had to ditch my hat with James a quick kiss and cuddle and I was back running,  spoke to competitors about their achievements, refuelled and took fluid on steadily at the water stations, again chatting, nothing better than a run and a chat 🙂

Finally I rolled over the line in 06:35:03 to Chris and James, My Well earnt medal and pint of Erdinger Alcohol Free Lager.

Thank you to everyone for their support. #Lincsquad rules.