This Month’s Q&A with Lincsquad’s Louise Beedham.

How does it feel being recently crowned British Quadrathlon Age group Champion?

I feel amazing it has taken a lot of hard work, determination and training over the last two years to make it possible for me to complete the Quadratholn series.

Could you give us a few lines on some of the highlights?

Finishing the Bomber as this was the longest distance that I have ever competed in. That was the 1st of the 3 completed in. and also know being crowned age group champion.

14542861_1292568800787131_1122585869_n1 How did you find yourself getting involved in sport and Multi-sport in particular?

I started track cycling with lincsquad youth academy age 12 after trying lots of other sports. When I first started I did road, track and cyclocross races and attended a children triathlon at Lincoln which started me of getting into multi sports. Eventually this has lead me to longer distances, better times and my British championship age cat win.

You’re  a regular at Duathlons, Triathlons and Quadrathlon, which do you prefer?

I really enjoy all of them because they all present a challenge but  I do prefer triathlons but I have really enjoyed this season giving quads a go and hope to do a few more in the future.

What’s your preference …..Run, Bike ,Kayak, Swim?

I prefer the swim the most then bike, kayak and run the least.

So where’s your favourite place to ride?

The bomber cycling route but in general places with either none or small hills.


Proudest Sporting/coaching achievements?

I was awarded Yorkshire’s Young Volunteer of the Year Award 2012  for doing lots of volunteering for the youth academy, but more recently being my Age Cat winner for Quadrathlons.

Best advice received and by whom?

It was by Jeff Chappill, Pete Chappil and Pete Connolly when at the Lincsquad Awards night 2 years ago told me that I should give Quadrathlons a go. This turned into a 2 year program. The fact they believed that I could do it meant a lot. They have supported me all the way through. With training sessions, helping me with kayaking etc. My mum and I have learnt some new skills also, this includes repairing Bob the boat with fibre-glass after I rammed into the jetty in the Ancholme.

This seems an odd question at such a young age but what has life taught you that you would like to pass on to others?

To be determined and to adopt an ‘Have a go attitude’. I may not be the quickest at Triathlons and Quadrathlon or the first to cross the finish line but completing and knowing I have met my challenge is an amazing feeling.

Your Sporting hero/inspiration?

Geraint Thomas (Sky rider) after falling off at Manchester Velodrome quite a few years ago he rode around with me to rebuild my confidence.

Something not many people know about you?

I play for a ladies football team.

Your dream job?

I have just started Uni doing sports coaching so I will see where that leads in the future.

3 x Dream dinner party guests?

Geraint Thomas, Ellie Simmonds and the Brownlee brothers

Favourite meal and where?

Domino Pizza.

Your most treasured multi-sport possession?

All of my race t-shirts, medals and trophies but mainly it is Bob the boat, my bike and the T-shirt with good luck messages on that I wore for the Shrewsbury Quad (the last one of the series to spur me on to the finish). Big thank you to everyone who signed it, it was a great help. Another big thank you to my Mum who takes me to all of these events and also my family and friends that have supported me along the way.