New Youth Ambassadors Appointed

The Youth Academy is pleased to announce that Hannah Lonsdale and Jacob Riby are appointed as the new Youth Ambassadors.

Our Youth Ambassadors are the principal contacts for young members of the club and promotes the interests and views of young people at the club’s meetings. Their main responsibilities are:

  • To represent the interests of other young members of the club.
  • Organise and facilitate youth meetings and/or attend regional youth forums linked to Go-Ride Development Group meetings.
  • Communicate relevant information to young people within the club.
  • Attend committee meetings and the club’s Annual General Meeting.
  • Welcome new young members into the club.
  • Support volunteers within the club and generally get involved with all aspects of running the club.

 Donna Chappill caught up with them both to find out a little more about their backgrounds and ambitions.

What/who got you into sport?

Hannah: When I was at primary I did a cross country race and really enjoyed it, I was also doing competitions with swimming at the same time and triathlon seemed like a good next step.

Jacob: I started off bike riding with my dad and also watching my cousin ride on the velodrome at derby, when we moved to this side of the river my mum and dad found out that lincsquad ran a cycling session on a Saturday.

If you had a super power, what would it be and why?

Hannah: If I had a super power it would be to fly because I think it would be cool.

Jacob: To be super strong, so that i can be fast at cycling and to save the world!

What are your dreams for the future?

Hannah: I’d love to be Olympic champion one day.

Jacob:  To become a national world cyclist and fly the flag for GB and lincsquad around the world!

What something do you wish you never had to do again? 

Hannah: I wish I never had to get up before 7 o’clock again.

Jacob:  School tests, it is stressful!

If you had to stay on an island, what item would you take and why?

Hannah: A boat to get off the island

Jacob: My phone so I could call for help!!

What will you do for fun this summer?

Hannah: I’ve got friends from Germany and Spain coming over to stay.

Jacob: Go to Florida with my family, also I am competing in Ironkids Maestrict and going with my lincsquad family to support the crazy adults as well!!

 What would you like to achieve with this role?

Hannah: Get more people to compete as not many of us do this and help raise the profile of Lincsquad.

Jacob:  To help and encourage the younger members of the club and help Lincsquad gain more members


Hannah and Jacob who both won awards at the LAYAS in January which were presented by Donna Chappill.