Grantham Sprint Triathlon

Team Lincsquad had a massive representation at the weekend for the return of the Grantham Sprint Tri, despite the appalling weather conditions.

The rain was heavy and the wind was making it feel very cold so hats off to all who finished it was a very tough race especially for those who were first timers.

Josh Jones (7th) took the honours for Lincsquad, just beating Luke Mathews (8th) by 27 seconds. They were fairly even throughout and can imagine if they knew just how close they were to each other it would have eeked out the last bit of adrenalin.

Paul Fytche (12th) was the next Lincsquadder home and looked well on the bike, although I did spot a big mud patch on his rear end suggesting he may have had an unscheduled sit down. 🙂 Paul said he loved it and even had time for chit chat on the bike.

Christian Brown (18th) managed to hold off David Hinch (19th) and Alan Woodcock (20th) I suspect his kamikazee descents may have helped. Looking forward to seeing some of Daves onboard video from the bike course.

Marcus Plume (26th) takes the honours for biggest nutter on the descent, especially the 2nd time around!! Even I was beginning to wince 🙂

Digby Sowerby (28th) looked like he was enjoying himself and had a very impressive swim.

Andrew Lawson (38th) had an eventful lead up to his race, read more in the forum. You kept smiling Andrew and finished well.

Steve Beevers (40th) Awaiting confirmation on your times but you looked good out there Steve, again Scott Barley (41st) awaiting times.

Alison Deykin (52nd) was the first Lincsquadette home and looked ever so pleased to cross the finish line. William Sowerby (52nd) finished well and again said he enjoyed himself.

Jack Gardner (58th) once again Jack shows us all that anything is achievable and he must be brave to be on the back of Torrin down that descent.

Andrew Read (63rd) All day Andrew kept asking what he was doing this for!! Why? he said What the hell? he cries….. yet despite all this we know he loves it 🙂

Mark Chesman (66th) Well done Mark, again you also looked like you enjoyed it in a sadistic sort of way. 🙂

Paul Worboys (73rd) came in closely followed by Jenni Plume (74th), top effort and again smiling faces.

Steve Grocock decided not to do the run with his ankle and Jon Dixon and Gav Mann had a DNF although you still did well guys and there will soon be a next time.


1st Andy Tarry, Tri Camp Blue Seventy Race team
2nd Paul Noble, Barracuda Tri club
3rd Darren Sharpe, RAF Tri

1st Bo Haywood, Lincoln TRi
2nd Lara Thornhill
3rd Katy Johnson, Stamford Tri Club

A massive shout to all the marshals and helpers, you made the day.

So a big hats off to everyone who raced you all did well and feel free to share your own stories in the comments below.