Max Power wins GHS Youth TT District qualifier

Late on in 2012 the Cycling Time Trial committee approached Lincsquad to run the local round of the GHS trophy. Unfortunately we were unable to help that year but with such a strong youth squad it made sense to run a local round and pledged to share the running of this well respected event with other Lincolnshire District clubs.

For details and history of the GHS see here.

As a proper Open time trial it had to be run through the CTT pre entry system using their internet entry system as well as postal entries and I’m grateful for the help and support from David Durham. Also I’d like to thank Wayne Beedham, Steve and Shona Cannings, Nik and Kirsty Appleyard, Tony England, Jason Johnson, Sheridan and Josh Jones for their help in making sure this event took place and ran so safely.

It was decided the Lincsquad TT course wasnt suitable so the TVRC GA10/3 course was upgraded with the help of the local CTT Committee to an Open Course CS10/6. For those who dont know time trialling used to be an illegal race on the roads hence the secret locations, all black cyclist kit and shifty looks of officals (particularly the Race Directors who are responsible for the Risk Assessments and Police Approvals!) The course was a full 10mile loop to Laughton, East Ferry on Trent bank and back to West Stockwith with limited junctions so safe for riders 12-16.

First off as rider number 1 was Matt Walsh and despite being the only rider in his age group still attacked the course, setting off the line in full lincsquad kit at a cracking pace.

Rider no.1 Matt Walsh

Also racing for Lincsquad were:

Top row left to right Will Walsh, Callum Hinch, Robbie Sturdy.

Bottom row left to right Chris Durham, Max Williamson, and Bevan Jones.

Will WalshIMG_0592IMG_0598IMG_0601IMG_0602IMG_0603

Despite looking likely to be a dry race light rain fell as the first rider set off and only stopped when all riders were back! Hopefully the visiting riders from other local TT clubs Bourne Wheelers and Witham Wheelers enjoyed a different course and keep an eye out for the names of the riders below. Previous GHS winners have gone on to great things. Good luck to them all.