My First Multisport Race

Steve Dolby shares his experience at the recent Clumber Park Duathlon

After the excitement of the local duathlons set by Dan Broughton and Dave Hinch I was really looking forward to my First official multi sport event of my very short sporting career.

The morning of the event started with the alarm rattling away at 4.30 as Mrs Dobber and the Mini Dobber Lincsquad support team wanted to be up and away bright and early. A bowl of over cooked porridge and a couple of nut bars later we was on our way to Clumber Park.

As we arrived third in the cue at the gate (best position I was going to get on the day) reality started to kick in a bit. Yep, the race was here and I was running and representing the club for the first time. We parked up and strolled over to the registration area in our team Lincsquad hoodies (1 degree at this point) to look over our shoulders to see other Lincsquad hoodies trotting over the park. That looked so cool and put my nerves at ease immediately.

With several text messages from other lincsquad members wishing me and the others all the best and also the other Lincsquad competitors doing the same it was nearly time to start the race. Just needed to double check the transition area…..
My bike was set up, this was after some help from a bloke next to me as I didn’t really know what I was doing…..First timer and all that…… Shoes on the floor and helmet sat in the ready position……All my prep work was now complete.
A couple of stretches later and the second wave was about to go off. 321…Bang and we had started the 10k run. Apart from the hilly course which I had not previously done an official 10k on, I had set my heart at getting a PB. Up hill and down dale we went and to my pleasure I was feeling quite good.

The cheers from the Lincsquad supporters certainly helped around the course. I couldn’t keep up with the boys though as they started to disappear in to the distance. In my mind was comments from other club members…’Run your own race’. That is what I did and came over into transition knocking 3 minutes of my previous 10k time. Nice one I thought!! Even though Jo Walker started 8 minutes after me and over took me before the end of the first run…….Wow!!!!!!
I thought transition was a little strange though as previously my bike was one of hundreds on rack 2 but now it appeared to be the only one left!! Blimey the others were already flying around the 40k bike circuit…. Anyway that was not the only thing. A little dazed and disorientated I looked down to get my bike shoes on and I thought they had been moved!!!!!! I was only looking in the wrong area about a metre away from my bike!! Dohhh!!
Off I went running out of transition and on to the bike. All was going well until my chain came off! Again previous advice from the club members and I managed to lean down and without falling off, put my chain on! Phew! That was close….Only for it to happen again about 30 seconds later.
3 miles to go and I started to blow a bit. Anyway, this guy came whizzing past me so I thought, breather time!! Get on his back wheel for a minute to have a rest!! It went OK until the marshal on his motorbike came level with me and shouted ‘192 find your own space’ I thought cheeky bugger!! This other bloke was in my space!! I suppose the rules are there to stop people trying to grab a quick lift………..Never mind!!
The last 5k run was beckoning and after I had got out of transition and the crowds of supporters had been left behind it all started to get a bit lonely! The legs felt like lead and I had to go up that blooming hill again!! Thinking about all the support that had turned up on the day gave me a real boost at this point as some had even ridden over to cheer us along. Awesome job.
Finish line was now fast approaching and that was it…..My first multi event was all over!!

Thank you to all the Lincsquad supporters and Lincsquad competitors for all your support before, during and after the race. Makes me proud to be part of such a FAB club!!

All the best Steve Dolby 🙂