TT Series round 10 Greetwell – Apparently there are lots of f’s in “Kirton Hill”

Round 10 is a another of the TT Series stand alone rounds in that it counts as a qualifying round of your 6 from 11 however the time isn’t included in your average time for the year due to the longer course.

SRC10/2 is a Scunthorpe road club 10 mile course that we’ve previously included as a handicap race at the end of the year and as a change from the usual course to see if the hills (up and down versions) throw up any surprises. 🙂 Spoiler alert – fast riders who train hard are still fast! 

Marshalling heroics were performed by Kerry, Rob, Cathy, Ann Wood, Martin McLoughlin, Steve Cannings, Pam Greer, Jon Challen, and Kev Cooper. A honourable mention and big thank you to Nigel Pennington for the as ever slick pics.

So this course is a funny ‘un! Starting from a flat to gentle rolling section it throws a cheeky little rise just prior to  Manton as a start prior to the main course that is Kirtons Spa Hill. Its no Alpine pass but after 5 miles of TTing and overly high gearing from flatter courses it kind of batters you as legs try to maintain average speed.

Once that’s over its a proper TT tuck in and keeping the power on right to Greetwell. Wimping out on your gearing selection for the hill and not making use of big gears means a slower speed to the rollercoaster swoop downhill through the trees across the finish line.

Master of it all was Facebook sensation Toby Bartlett of Team Clay Cross followed by Barton Wheeler Darren Busby and Sheehan ” I will marshal next round I promise” Quirke. Also good to see Fiona Fisk back out riding and first lady was the reward.

A nod of “unlucky mate” to Jamie Moss who dropped a chain on Spa Hill but recovered quickly and a kudos to Matt Walsh for tackling a course that for many is intimidating.

Two weeks time we’re back at the Lincsquad Arms (King Billy) and its the final round where I expect all those people who have yet to marshal will be falling over themselves to volunteer thus validating their appearance on the final series table…………..right?

Round 10