Cross Country Success for Hannah Lonsdale

On the 7th January I ran in the Lincolnshire County XC Champs in Boston. We arrived to discover it was on a farm (a very muddy one). It was absolutely freezing and despite having four layers on I was still shivering!
We had a mix up with my entry so had a panic on Friday night as to if I would be able to race. I entered U17 by accident when I should’ve entered U15. But thankfully my dad managed to sort it.
My race was 3350m long, but felt much further. It was the muddiest place I’ve ever been! I ran in track spikes which had absolutely no grip whatsoever. So as you can imagine I slid more than ran. I had to run two laps (1 small, 1 medium), which meant I had to run through the river twice. When we were walking the course beforehand the marshals were smashing the thick layer of ice that had set on the surface of the river. So it was very, very, very cold. One girl in the U11’s race fell over!!
When it came to the race I had a bad start and ended up being pushed to the back of a pack of 17 people down a narrow field. But despite that I pushed myself to the limit (almost collapsed) and managed to overtake them to get selected for the 2018 Lincolnshire County Squad.