Duathlon Results 17th May

Wednesday 17th May was by far the worst weather we have had for one of our training races since the last time we had bad weather.

The soft fair weather trainers stayed at home, this proving to be the majority of the men, with the ladies still turning out in force.

The distance was 2, 15, 1 which is one of the longest training events we put on (for now anyway), saw 35 athletes avoiding not only the big puddles but the cars trying to drench them by racing through the big puddles.

Another great night of training with once again Mark (the i don’t have a motor fitted to my bike, honest) York destroying the competition on the bike, and newbie Kate Webster once again leading the way in the ladies group.

31st of May for training race 5 and the venue is Barton (Deepdale) so bring your hill legs.

Click here for race 4 results

List of dates and venues can be downloaded here – Duathlon 2017 poster