Duathlon results 2nd May

The conditions down on the Burringham bank where perfect, the sun shone, the temperature around the 22 degrees with not a site or sound of the wind. The bank it’s self-looked as close to Bowling green quality as we could get (thanks to Mr F for cutting the grass in the rain earlier that day) so we knew we were in for a great training race.

The mood was good until some of the front runners in this year’s series realised that once again Scunthorpe triathlons Secretary Jeff Chappill was getting his trusty stead from the back of his car and setting up in transition. They knew that he was just back from a training camp and was at his peak, they could tell from the trim figure and tone ab’s that the training had gone well. They knew after he destroyed the field last year over the same distance they had to bring their A game just to keep close to him.

As always Jeff just took the pressure in his normal way, smiling and laughing it off until it came to the start of the training race then on goes the race face, the one that has put fear into many a top athlete, showing them he was ready for business. Going through his normal warm-up routine getting his heart rate up to race beat, prior to the start, he was ready on the line.

Go, and it was obvious, right from the start that he did not intend to be caught. He knew that John F and Jack S would be hot on his heels and had to get a good start and possibly put in low 5 minute miles, which would not be a problem having trained hard the week before. The legs felt a bit tired but was soon into his stride taking up his true position on the front (the position he held right through the race).

At the turn point Jeff did seem to be playing with the rest of the field but then put on a bit of a spurt along the smooth level surface of the grass bank, coming off the run well in front.

The bike leg went as everyone would have expected, with this being the strongest of the disciplines for Jeff. He had to hold back a little going through the village due to the fact that the Police camera vehicle was at the side of the road. With an average speed of just over 30 miles an hour he was back at transition before the time keepers had time to reposition themselves (once again a massive thanks to all the time keepers, number takers and Marshall’s who help us every week). Time taken, and out onto the run, well little bit of a walk just to allow the others to start to catch up, taking time to thank the crowds of people who had now gathered, with flags waving, banners and whistles. By this time John F and Jack S had caught up but where looking tired. Jeff took it easy just to keep them on his heels to give them that feeling that he could be caught but it was not to be as once again Jeff jogged home.

Magnanimous as always he congratulated all other athletes as they crossed the line, with what is now known has his signature smile and light hearted quips.

Many thanks to all 40 athletes who took part and completed the event. Special mention to Louise B having got a puncture near the bridge on the way back, still went on to finish.

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Kind regards, Jeff