Duathlon Results from Training Race 10

Training race 10 (hard to believe only one left).

The event was back at the home of Duathlons Burringham car park at the South endish of the village.

Having listen to it’s members the committee have spent the last 6 months laying a smooth concrete slab, replacing the slightly rough and bumpy grass bank.

Next year we will be looking at toilets, shower block, transition racking, small café and valet parking. For an extra £2 a year we will also employee people to do one, two or all three of the section of the  event for you.

The sun shone and even the wind stop blowing as 46 athletes prepared to do battle with the 2 mile run, the first mile to the bridge (which is the longest bridge on the motorway between junction 2 and 3) then back on the super smooth new foreshore pathway.

This is then followed shortly after (well in some cases quiet a while after looking at the speed in which they got through transition) by a 14 mile ride. A flat out and back through the scenic villages of East Butterwick and Susworth taking in the rolling fields, woodland and that distinctive country aroma that often seems to follow athletes having taken on far too much protein.

The final element for tonight’s training race would involve a one mile run along the quiet country road and back along the freshly laid concrete path where they are greeted with a well done, which after all is why they put themselves through the pain and anguish.

So onto the nights athletes, well what a mix of err err err athletes. Seriously I do think a number of athletes did stand out.

The first being Valerie, her focus, her technical ability on chain replacement, the way she remained calm through transition, remembering her glasses when she leaped into action on her trusted and much loved stead, should be a lesson to us all.

Secondly, a young lady who has asked me not to name her, so let’s call her Katie. Katie has grown in many ways this year as the series as gone on, but has said she will cut down through Winter. Her ability to never look like its effortless and her permanent smile (which mum assures us is wind) is a joy to behold. She has indeed gone from strength to strength and is the shiniest star in a sun filled sky.

Just a couple of points, as we have a few who are doing the events for the first time;

We use open roads and as such you will come into contact with cars, lorries and even tractors so please stay safe and ride with respect for all road users. Cutting corners by going onto the wrong side of the road may save a few seconds or may end up with a trip to A&E.

Please try to remember, when at Burringham, as you leave transition for the second run you must go out the north entrance (we put a sign in the grass), this makes transition the same for all.

Finally, we will be announcing the awards night dates very soon and it would be really great to see you and your family there.

Provisional results attached.

Results Training race 10

Kind regards,

Jeff Chappill