Duathlon Results from Training Race 9

It’s hard to believe that’s it’s been 18 weeks since the series started, with 21 athletes having already qualified by completing 7 of the 9 training races, with 3 of those having completed all 9.

This weeks somewhat shorter distance really made it exciting with 2 minutes separating the middle 14 male athletes and one minute between the middle 4 females.

Three different venues (with a fourth to come), and have lost count of how many different courses which has meant the series has been the most varied that we have ever done (big hats off to Jason for organising these).

Training race 10 will be the normal wave start with training race 11 being the handicap start and as always the last race results will not be posted until after the awards night.

The series is still up for grabs in both the male and female categories so as they say on the TV  “still all to play for” (remember to qualify for the overall you must have done 7 of the 11 training events).

As you will of noticed I had to leave early on Wednesday so am unable to give an “accurate” account of the training race so I asked my assistant Valerie to write this report for me:

Dad put all my kit in the car while I finished watching my TV programme, looking on FB, Instagram, WhatsApp. As we got into the car I realised he had not got me a drink so sent him back in to the house to get it (what’s he like). Was not sure where the venue was for tonight’s training race so just left that to Dad, he always knows these things, as he has nowt more important to do. 

We arrived early as always which really gets me, could have had an extra ten minutes sleep, why we need to get there 20 minutes before it starts amazes me. Left dad to get my gear out of the car and set it up for me after all he put it all in there so knows where it is.

First run went alright but people keep going on about some old country house and how nice it is, really, not double glazed does not even look like it as Wi-fi. Transition really put me in a bad mood. Dad had set my kit up all wrong, he should know by now he does it every two weeks.  Out on the bike, got tucked in behind one of the male competitors with a real nice view if you know what I mean girls so sat admiring the view. Out on the second run, felt a bit tired as Dad had not put me my favourite juice in my bottle. Really going to let if have it in the car on the way home. Crossed the line to finish, waited for Dad to put my kit in the car whilst I posted my results on STRAVA cause you know what they say “if it is not on STRAVA it did not happen”.

Thank you to all the time keepers and to Jason for organising all these events. With a special mention to Jeff for not only doing all the results but for being my hero.

Valerie x

Results Training Race 9

Kind regards,

Jeff Chappill