Duathlon Training Race 6 Results

Jeff Chappill reports on Training Race 6 in the duathlon series.

After posting the last training race results in Latin and being very surprised by the amount of comments from those who took the time to translate the report I this week looked for a Klingon translator, but was unable to find one. So for those of you who obviously have far to much time on your hands why not get together and write one. Please when complete forward to me at jeff.chappill@yousadpeople.com.

On with race report for Race 6 (handicap, for some this being getting their kit out the car), 30 athletes turned out for what had been reported as a very wet evening, however the Duathlon Gods looked down on us and it turned out no where near as bad as we thought.

The first run, jog, trot or gallop was down that there hill to the turn point, then back up that there hill. This being the nature of at out and back.

The ride route was the very popular figure of eight. This takes in the small but very pretty Flixborough through to the strange village of Burton, where it seems all are related (just joking, but it does help if you have web feet, again just joking, there are some very nice people who have moved out of Burton, again just joking).

The third element being the second of two run legs was again 2 miles however this time it was off along that there road to the turn point and back again.

Two athletes stood out from the back and a big mention has to go out to Darren (Dazzer) Scutt and Claire (de-ella) Doherty, who both realise how important it is to hydrate and fuel for this events. Both taking on sustenance for the second run, in the form of a protein cup cake.

Valerie once again made an appearance and this week did not hide her Dad’s shoes (as she did at Barton the little Monkey).

Another good night of training racing from all.

Please see provisional results attached.

Results Training Race 6