Full Service Programme for Club Bikes

LincsQuad is extremely pleased to announce that officially starting on the 1st July 2019 we are embarking on a fabulous service agreement with Cycle Routes Lincs.

Since the AGM, discussions and ideas from listening to members feedback have been bouncing around, ricocheting with excitement between our cycling coaches, to the committee and back again!

Cycle Routes Lincs are based in Scunthorpe in Unit 8, High Street and many of our members have reported that they are very satisfied customers.

Our 9 CX bikes and 4 MTB bikes are to be serviced at Cycle Route Lincs, in its fully equipped workshop by experienced qualified cycle mechanics. This will ensure that each bike is at its best for members usage, giving our bikes a new least for life whilst guaranteeing that each bike is always safe to use. Cycle Route Lincs will be keeping a full-service history for these bikes so we can easily see what has happened to the bike, when it had any part fitted and any other handy piece of information about the bike.

Our cycle coaches will still be making a few adjustments to help the bike be at the best setting for the member and will also be taking care that the bikes are cleaning stored with the excellent help we get from our members. However, by having this service agreement in place it will allow our coaches to spend more time on what they do best for our club…. COACH!

These bikes will be able to used at the Saturday Cycle sessions but also LincsQuad are able to hire out these bike exclusively to members of over 6 months. If you would like to find out more about this then visit https://www.lincsquad.co.uk/membership/equipment-hire/ or contact, Nigel Smaller LincsQuad’s Youth Chair in person or via emailing LincsquadYouth@gmail.com

And for those that don’t already know…. If you go to visit Cycle Routes Lincs with a current LincsQuad membership card you can receive 10% off your service!

Visit https://www.cycleroute-lincs.co.uk/ for further details around Cycle Route Lincs