LAYA’s Night 2018 – Youth Award Winners

Main Awards

Male of the Year, Lincsquads top youth male during 2017 – Jacob Riby

Female of the Year, Lincsquads top youth female during 2017 – Hannah Lonsdale

Race Performance 2017, Who’s race performance impressed the most – Max Underwood Frost

Most Improved, The person who listened to their coach and showed the most improvement – Alasdair Riby

Spirit of Lincsquad, The person who has carried the spirit of Lincsquad throughout the year, supporting & encouraging others, always giving 100%, cheery personality  – Alasdair Riby

Coach of the Year, as voted by the Youth Members – Steve Cannings

Little Legs, as voted by the Coaches – Bailey Harris

Youth of the Year, as voted by the whole club – Chris Durham

Duathlon Series 2017

Tri Start Winners   – Suzie Gibbs (49 points) and Jack Shepard (30 points)

Tri Star 1 Winners – Alice Fearn (39 points) and Freddie Gibbs (49 points)

Tri Star 2 Winners – Isobel Foster (40 points) and Jacob Riby (40 points)

Tri Star 3 Winners – Hannah Lonsdale (40 points) and Alex Butterill (42 points)