Lincsquad Flying at Scampton

It had been a last minute decision to take part in the Duathlon at Scampton in 2017 and only then so I could get onto the base to have look around, and hopefully see the Red Arrows. It was a fantastic event and the bike section was very fast, so I knew I was going to be booking again for 2018 (and NOT at the last minute, this time).
I booked early for 2018, and kept an eye on all the names appearing on the entry list. The list of Lincsquad members was coming along nicely and it was great to see both youth and adult members had entered.
Last year’s weather had been so hot that I ended up in hospital on the Saturday night, due to sunstroke, so I kept a close eye on the forecast in the week building up to race day. It looked like rain during the day, but come the Saturday morning, although chilly, it was dry and the forecast was showing no rain for Scampton. So bike and kit loaded, off we went, nice and early this year so we could watch all the Lincsquad youth race.
First up were the Tristar 1 competitors, with Jack Sherwood & Suzie Gibbs. Great racing from them both, and Suzie’s dismount at the line off the bike was spot on; at speed and right up to the line.
Next to go were the Tristar 2, Freddie Gibbs, Holly Cresswell, Jess Stewart, and Henry Joseph. Once again some fab racing from them all, and the bike handling skills that they had been learning from the Saturday morning sessions were really showing, weaving their way through the other bikes and carrying the speed through the corners.
Tristar 3 next, Ewan Joseph, Jacob Riby and Lucy Cresswell were racing in this category. Things started to get interesting, as there were now a mix of ages on the track with TriStar 3 mingling in amongst the Tristar 2s, a couple of racers collided at the corner as the bikes came out onto the track. Luckily enough no Lincsquad riders were involved.
So onto the Youth. Max Underwood-Frost & Hannah Lonsdale out for Lincsquad in this one. Max looking really good on the bike, and coming in strong off his runs, too. Hannah had a great run and looked strong on the bike, taking 3rd female place.
Well done to all those youth who raced and everyone wearing Lincsquad colours on the day.
Onto the adults, and the moment I’d been “looking forward” to. In the build-up I’d been getting my race pace back in my legs after spending the winter months reassessing my style, and, with the help of Donna, Jeff and Pete Chappill, changing to the POSE style of running.
Lining up in Lincsquad colours for this race were myself, Sallie Joseph, Kev Lovett, Julian Hesp, Malcolm Dent, Phil Gibbs, Emma Watts and Peter Lawson. Off we go for 5k of torture, followed by 21k on the bike and then a 2.5k run to finish. Now, the best part about racing Scampton is that it’s on the air field, so there is no need to be worrying about any cars. With that in mind you can really let yourself go on the bike, just as long as you are aware of the other racers about you. Phil Gibbs came in with second place in his age group, and Emma Watts third in hers. My race went as well as I thought it could, with sub 7 minute miles on my first run, and average speed on the bike of just under 20mph. The only disappointment was my second run at 7.45 minute miles (something to be worked on for me, as well as getting more speed into my bike legs). Looking back on last year’s race and times I came in at around 2 ½ minutes quicker, so a huge thank you has to go out from me to all the Lincsquad coaches who have put on some great sessions for us all throughout the year. As I’ve already said it was great to see everyone racing in their Lincsquad colours. Anyone up for doing it again in 2019? I know I will be.