Rider Resilience at Rainy Round 1 TT

TT report 11/04/2018
Thank you to all helpers on the night, marshals and timekeepers.  It was a cold night and we all appreciate your dedication in volunteering your time to make this event run smoothly.  Thanks to the King William pub for being a welcoming host for HQ.  Special thanks To Wayne Beedham for helping to organise the parking on the night.   

30 riders gathered at the King William IV pub in Brigg for the first Lincsquad TT of 2018.  
Weather conditions were challenging, 6 degrees which felt more like -6 degrees, wind speed 11 mph with 18 mph gusts.  The evening was cold, cloudy and misty.  Showery rain came later.  In view of this inclement weather 17 mph would feel as hard as 20mph, but the riders showed resilience by completing the flattish 9.8mile TT from Scawby Brook in fast times.
Winner over all on the night was R Walker from Scunthorpe Poly(22:04), while S Grocock was first male for Lincsquad (22:30).  A shared result of 24:52 for Lincsquad’s J Challen and M Jackson added an edge to the results. The male results were close and already has set the scene for an exciting TT series this year.   Congratulations to our first lady on the night, Tori Smaller with a time of 26:20, while a second separated J Taylor and F Fisk.  Fantastic results also for our first timers V Wilson and B Hollis.  Congrats ladies that was a difficult night for your first TTs.  Jacob Riby excelled on the night, coming home in an amazing time of 29:07.  Keep it up Jacob!
All riders came home safely, there were no incidents and a merry time was had by all in the King William afterwards, where the raffle was drawn following the TT.  The prize of chocolate (donated by V Wilson) and a bobble hat (donated by JC) were won by Mark.  Congrats and we hope you enjoy!
Position Name Race # Club Time
1 R Walker 8 Scunthorpe Poly 22:04
2 S Grocock 14 Lincsquad 22:30
3 B Creasey 13 Lincsquad 23:13
4 R Stenton 30 53/11 23:35
5 C Elletson 19 Velo Club Beverley 23:52
6 S Robinson 20 Lindsey Roads 23:58
7 S Quirke 5 Lincsquad 24:02
8= J Challen 32 Lincsquad 24:52
8= M Jackson 22 C and T 24:52
10 A Lakeland 21 OTFC 25:48
11 K Lovett 12 Lincsquad 25:57
12 S Grocock 24 Lincsquad 26:00
13 T Smaller (F) 17 Lincsquad 26:20
14 D Wood 10 Lincsquad 26:39
15 T England 15 Lincsquad 27:20
16 M Marshall 33 Lincsquad 27:41
17 C Gibbs 9 Lincsquad 27:53
18 D Hobley 26 Lincsquad 28:09
19 V Howden (F) 6 Lincsquad 28:26
20 J Chambers 7 Lincsquad 28:29
21 M Dent 11 Lincsquad 28:38
22 J Taylor (F) 18 Lincsquad 28:55
23 F Fisk (F) 25 Lincsquad 28:56
24 J Riby 1 Lincsquad 29:07
25 M Turner 23 Lincsquad 29:43
26 S Wilson 29 Lincsquad 31:23
27 V Wilson (F) 28 Lincsquad 31:47
28 R Murgatroyd 16 C and T 33:33
29 W Kent 31 Lincsquad 35:54
30 R Hollis (F) 27 Lincsquad 36:10
Thanks again and see you all soon
Pam (TT Sec).