Lincsquad TT Series Round 6

Sooooo…………approximately halfway through the TT series and numbers have risen again following the blip of two weeks ago with 37 riders taking part in this weeks “The Race of Truth”. Personally I’ve never understood that description of time trialling – Race of sweating, race of gurning, race of shortness of breath five minutes after you’ve started wishing you’d not had a drink/wanting a drink, race of showing off a fancy bike that deserves a better rider or race of wanting to beat x person would perhaps be a better description?

Assisting this circus of clowns, performing animals and occasional acrobats (more of that later 🙂 ) was our usual Ring Mistress Kerry, assisted by Rob and Cathy, Anna, Jess, Tony, Ash and Sara, Susan, Becky, Emma and Jack, Wal, Fiona and Bill. Hooge fanks to these Lincsquadders for supporting our club.

There are some members who still haven’t offered to help out – no helpy….no resultys!

This weeks TT promised good conditions with the recent high temperatures reducing a little and only a slight wind. Kudos to Pam Challen of WCS Race Team for performing a Froomey and running back to the start with her bike following a puncture and managing to swap a wheel and finishing the race. No doubt this time will be discarded when Pams 6 of the best are taken in to consideration at the end of the year. Just as energetic but with a lot less grace was Kev Coopers finishline acrobatics. The full TT course is included on Strava as a segment so don’t be too quick to hit the stop button on your watches. Sit up catch your breath and most important of all ride safe.

Also with this in mind DO NOT CROSS THE SOLID WHITE LINES THROUGH HIBALDSTOW S BENDS! Non compliance with the Highway Code is an instant disqualification. There will always be irate car drivers who don’t think cyclist should be on their roads, lets not give them anymore ammunition tho ok?

Top banana this week was Steve Grocock 21:24 by a healthy 26 seconds over Julian Hesp 21:50 and Ben Creasy third 22:28

The ladies race turned out to be a dead heat between Jane Taylor and Ruth Wilson 25:41 with Suzanne Szenher third.

Personal Best heroics today by

Pete Wilson, Mathew Walsh, Mark Turner, Luke Stonehewer, Rita Mooney, Bob Mason, Kev Lovett, Chris Kirkby, Martin Hickey, Julian Hesp, Neil Hall, Chris Gibbs, Malcolm Dent, Ben Creasy, Steve Cowlbeck, Kev cooper, DJ Clarke, Jon Challen, Tim Bulman, Ed Bark, Matt Austin and Belinda Allen!

Rd5 results