‘Squadlets get a head start towards Quadrathlon

So the day finally arrived, Saturday 25/03/17, & we embarked on making some world class Quadrathletes with 12 intrepid Lincsquad Youth & Squadlets who had booked their places.

17362464_10207578135165321_3875957055474609351_nWe began on dry land with the introduction of how to sit correctly in the kayak, not as simple as you may think. But everyone had a go & understood what they needed to do.

Any nervousness and apprehension soon disappeared as the first drills began poolside which was a basic introduction to sitting in it,  the paddle (don’t laugh as I had no idea that there was a different one for a right handed and left handed person) followed by how to get in and out of a kayak whilst in the water from the edge of the pool (not as simple as you think) and with all Squadlets managing to stay dry doing this it felt as if they were all going to take to this kayaking like ducks to water. 17522999_10207578134605307_5180547318668295734_n

17458442_10207578135565331_1757787512989138921_nThe next drill was how to get out of the kayak when it had capsized and they enjoyed it so much they wanted to repeat it over and over again.
Various drills followed; getting used to using the paddle, going backwards, round one way & then round the other, steering etc…… they made it look easy (these lot were born to do this) & before we knew it they were paddling around the pool with such confidence. So with them making it look so easy, we moved them onto to paddling in a straight line and after 3-4 times going up & down the pool they’d all cracked it. With this now mastered they proceeded to complete circuits around the pool it was amazing how they seemed to be able to aim their kayaks at us in the pool!
17499093_10207578134165296_6919761171545255028_nThe final drill set was making them climb back into their kayaks whilst in the water. This was met with more success by some as some (no names Jess) appeared to be able to turn their kayak into a submarine with great ease!

Before we knew it our time was over but all appeared to have had a great time & I would like to thank all who took part, all the parents for letting them have a go, the Lincsquad members & coaches for assisting in the pool and especially to the coaches of Glanford & Scunthorpe Canoe Club for giving up their time to assist us.


Here’s to the next time if you’re all up for it.