2013 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Club Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on the 9th January 2013 at the White Hart, Brigg.

A message from the 2012 Club Chairman – Paul Carvill

It’s important that the members have a voice in the direction in which the club progresses and also making sure that we continue to run the club with the same original ethos in which the club was founded.

That is to be a club that is welcoming to all and actively encourages and supports all members while still enjoying sport.

The club will celebrate its sixth birthday this year; the club has now become very much established as one of the best multisport clubs in the area with a healthy and diverse membership. The committee has grown stronger and continues to gain experience with more members actively getting involved in the day to day running of the club.

2012 has been another great year for the club and I would now like to take this opportunity to thank a few individuals for their efforts.

The first person I would like to thank is Andy Veitch who this year will step down from the committee. Andy has been with the club since the beginning and has been both Club Chairman and Club Secretary. I am sure all the members and committee would agree that he has been a real rock of Lincsquad and definitely help shape the way the club is today. He has also been and will continue to be one of the clubs magnificent coaches. So would you please join me in giving Andy a massive round of applause?

I would also like to thank Phil Binch for his role as treasurer; again Phil has been with the club since the beginning and has been an inspiration to many.

Steve Dolby: Steve has done and excellent job in looking after new members and also taking on the difficult and thankless task of the club kit and if you need and “Clobber” just ask “Dobber”.

Paul Armstrong: Paul continues to be a stalwart of the club who is ‘Mr Health & Safety”

Steve Cannings: Steve has helped push the Youth Academy to an even higher place and something I will also touch upon at the end of my speech.

Jeff Chappill: Jeff continues to put himself out for the benefit of club and has been a big part in developing our coaching capabilities.

Nik Appleyard: Nik again has been instrumental in developing the Youth Academy.

Dave Hinch for doing such a great job with the club TT’s and also all the timekeepers who make it happen come rain or shine.

Emma Phillips: Emma has done a great job of coordinating the Lincsquad Ladies, your efforts have been appreciated by us on the committee.

Claire Dolby: Although I wasn’t able to attend the Christmas Dinner this year I heard it was an excellent evening and enjoyed by all.

A big thanks to all those who coach, you probably don’t appreciate just how much motivation you provide for our members.

And finally a big thanks to all our members, because you ARE the club!

So on to 2013 and “What Next?”

The future of our club will come from within the Youth Academy, they are the future and I would like to see us actively invest; helping develop the Youth Academy further. So encourage members’ participation in the discussions to follow: So with that thought I would like to say thank you for taking the time to listen and look forward to the continued development of a great club.

May I also take this opportunity to wish Phil Binch the best as takes on the role of Club Chairman for 2013.

Yours in Sport
Paul Carvill

The Minutes taken by Andy Veitch can be read here